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Yale University famous university is one of the oldest universities in the United States of America, where many international personalities and geniuses have graduated. This has contributed to its fame among many countries of the world, making students from different countries come to study there, to get a good education and A high level of services, there are many different specialities and services offered to students.

Information about tUniversity and Famous Students

Founded in 1701, this prestigious university is one of the oldest and oldest universities in the United States of America. The place of this university in Connecticut, the most famous of which is a large number of those who work within it. They are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, 19 One of the most distinctive things about Yale University is the existence of a huge library inside. This library contains a huge number of volumes in different fields, and the number of these volumes is about 11 million volumes.

This library is the third large library in the United States of America, which has contributed to the fame of Yale University There are also many volumes of Islamic and Arab heritage in this library. There are also many volumes in the European language. , And these museums have contributed to the fame of the University, the most important Yale Hall of Art, which is one of the largest halls in the United States of America, and this hall contains many different works of art, there is also the Yale Center for British Art, In which many of the British arts are preached A.

What distinguishes Yale University is that there are many famous personalities in the world, who studied and graduated from this university, the most famous of these figures are US President Yale Clinton, President George W. Bush, President Gerald Ford, and US President Hillary Rodham Clinton, American mathematician Irving Segal, Senator Joe Lieberman, Senator John Kerry, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, US President William Howard Taft, and former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean.

The Yale University is also characterized by its international activities. The most prominent of these are the teachers in this university who have studied and researched outside and outside the United States of America. Yale University is also one of the first universities to receive international students. This, which is a big cause in the fame of this university.

Majors And Academic Programs of the Yale University

There are many specializations offered by Yale University, which allow the student to choose his preferred fields of study. The most important of is are the Faculty of Medicine at the University and the Faculty of Theology, where the student studies all the different religious sciences and their details. The Faculty of Law, Faculty of Forestry and Environment, College of Music, College of Nursing, Theater Theater College, College of Architecture, Business School are also among the colleges.

We are also teaching Arabic at Yale University. All of these disciplines help students choose their preferred field, and contribute to making many students outside the United States come to Yale University for their fame and offer them many different services. Helping them in education and research, and the number of countries from which Yale students come from about 110 different countries, which is the best proof of the university’s status among the universities of the world.

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  2. […] Yale University and Famous Students – All Informations […]

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