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The Uppsala University is the best university in Sweden. Uppsala University is a world-class university in terms of scientific research, quality of teaching, and outstanding students. Uppsala University has all the potential to reach a prestigious position in higher education in Europe and to occupy the highest rankings in the world’s best universities. 

Uppsala University has evolved over the years:

The Uppsala University was founded in Sweden in 1477. In its first years, the Uppsala University was limited to offering limited educational programs such as philosophy, law and religious sciences, and did not add any scientific or technical specialization.

The situation continued as it was until the start of the year 1620, where the reputation of the Uppsala University and accepted by many students to exceed the number of thousand students in 1630, and since then began new disciplines appear at the university, such as medicine and space science. By 1800, several different buildings were built on campus including the library. In 1872, the first student to study at Uppsala University was enrolled.

The Uppsala University completed its prosperity, and the number of students continued to increase until they reached 4500 students in 1945. This was due to the opening of many new disciplines in the Uppsala University , such as archeology and art history, the adoption of new languages ​​in teaching, To secondary disciplines such as: Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, all of which led to the development of the University and attracted students’ interest in joining them.

Majors And Academic Programs – Uppsala University

The Uppsala University has nine faculties: the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Languages, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of History and Philosophy, the Faculty of Science and Technology. Each of these faculties includes several departments and specialties that allow the student the freedom to choose a specialization that is in line with his wishes and tendencies.

-Department of Archeology and Ancient History.

-Art History Section.

-Department of Business Studies.

-Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology.

-Department of Earth Sciences.

-Department of Ecology and Genetics.

-Department of Education (pedagogy of education, sociology).

-Department of Engineering Sciences.

-English department .

-Gender Research Center.

-Game Design Section.

-Department of History – Uppsala University.

-Information and Media Department.

-Department of Literary Studies.

-Department of Organic Biology.

-Department of Public Health and Care Sciences.

Features of University:

The Uppsala University is characterized by its modern infrastructure. It also has research laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology. It also has a large library with a large collection of rare Arabic manuscripts. Arabic and English, in cooperation with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Manuscript Center.

-The University is a research university on a global level, covering several scientific discoveries and advanced research in many fields. It has achieved many successes related to the field of scientific and technical research, study and interpretation of social phenomena, and propose solutions to some problems that Suffers from society in modern times.

-The Uppsala University is keen to focus its research on the areas that benefit the environmental and climatic conditions, and to improve the economic and social situation of the country, making its research contribution to the development and progress and development and maintenance of security.

This university offers students the opportunity to enter the professional life at an early date. This is because of its diverse relations with many of the large economic institutions in Sweden. It also invites senior scientists and researchers to cooperate with many research universities to graduate students and carry out research. Distinctive.

-The Uppsala University provides about 70 special training programs for new students only, and more than 800 lessons in English, and provides students with special accommodation during the first years of university study, and provide them with all recreational facilities, sports and restaurants, For excellence in study, while at the same time having fun.

The achievements of Uppsala University:

-Occupying advanced positions in the ranking of universities worldwide, in 2013 it ranked 73th in Shanghai ranking of the top 500 universities in the world.

-Considered the second best university in Sweden because of its many diverse disciplines with interest in scientific research and teaching at the highest level.

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