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The University of York is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe in general, and in England in particular, University of York is one of the most important specialized universities, which have a great place globally from all universities.

About University of York

-The idea of ​​establishing the University of York began in 1820, but the actual construction of the university was in 1946, where the university was established and it was a place to teach a number of sciences, which was one of the most important sciences in which it taught architecture at the time.

-A number of sections were attached to it and it was a privileged place for many courses, in learning English, economics, politics and other sciences, until it was officially opened in 1965 by Queen Elizabeth and followed developments on the university until It now occupies the ninth level on all universities in the world.

Majors And Academic Programs of the University of York

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

This collage includes a large number of sciences, arts and others, through which it can -obtain the degrees of bachelor’s and master’s and doctorate, in many different sections, and among these sections the following:

-Department of Archeology.

-Department of English and related literature.

-Department of History.

-Art History Section.

-Department of different languages ​​and literature.

-Music Section.

-Department of Philosophy.

-Department of Theater Industry, Film and Television Industry.

-Center for Medieval Studies.

-Center for Modern Historical Studies.

-Center for Modern Studies.

-Department of Human Arts.

College of Science – University of York

And through the college is to study all types of science and therefore the university includes a large number of laboratories and laboratories, at the highest level also through the college has provided a large number of research excellence.

-Department of Biology.

-Department of Chemical Studies.

-Computer Science Department.

-Electronic Engineering Department.

-Department of Environmental Studies.

-Department of Health Studies.

-Department of Medical Studies.

-Mathematics department.

-Physical Studies Department.

-Department of Psychological Studies.

Faculty of Social Sciences – University of York

Through this section has been provided with a large number of outstanding research, which has been able to provide effective solutions to a number of problems in the community, and this college has specialized in a number of disciplines, including the following:

-Department of Specialized Studies in Economics.

-Teaching Department.

-Department of Political Science.

-Department of Sociology.

-Specialized Community Studies Department.

-law Department.

-Department of Management Sciences.

Scientific research in University of York

Studies in Zoology

The University of York has submitted a large number of specialized researches in animal science, in terms of studying many things related to the nature of the animal’s growth, body structure and related diseases, and a thorough study of animal behavior and dealing with it, as well as attention to endemic diseases that affect Animals, how to treat them and prevent transmission.

Legal Studies

The University of York has been able to provide a number of studies in the laws of the Constitutions of England and has already provided ways in the development of law, as well as many ways to help to address the crime and reduce rates.

Other research studies

-The University of York provides comprehensive studies on the development of cancer and its treatment methods, especially breast and prostate cancer.

-Studies on bacteria and how to address them and treat them, and prevent transmission and infection.

-The University of York has submitted a large number of studies, on the manufacture of drugs and chemical drugs to treat a number of diseases.

-Among the most important research are a specialized study of brain diseases and brain development.

-A comprehensive study of the muscles and methods of treatment of damaged ones.

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