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The University of Westminster, one of the UK’s most recognized centers of excellence, is located in the heart of London, the most vibrant city in the world, and has provided the world with the best students and research skills for over a hundred and seventy years.

About the University of Westminster

-The University of Westminster provides a vibrant learning environment and is committed to qualifying students for career leadership.

-The University of Westminster has more than 20,000 British students, as well as more than 5,000 students from all over the world.

-The University of Westminster is also working to select professors, at the highest level in order to advance, the educational process.

The University of Westminster has four main branches, divided into three branches in London and the fourth in Harrow.

-The University also offers a large number of scientific programs and the most famous programs that characterized them, health sciences, media, science, and sociology. The university was able to occupy the 11th place among the British universities in the field of journalism, For this year’s rating.

-The University is interested in the field of scientific research, so has specialized in more than twenty, scientific research competence.

-The University offers the opportunity for business students to study at the Bloomberg Financial Markets pavilion. It also has connections with the world’s leading companies, including Sony and the BBC, and thus provides the best services to students.

Majors And Academic Programs – University of Westminster

The University of Westminster offers more than 300 scientific degrees in various fields and programs. These certificates are divided into bachelor’s, master and doctorate degrees.

-Faculty of Architecture and Building Sciences.

-College of Biology.

-School of Law.

-Faculty of Social Sciences and Human Sciences.

-Language Center.

-College of Media, Art, and Design.

-College of Health Sciences.

-College of Information Systems.

-Haro College of Computer.

-Harrow College of Commerce and Accounting.

-Westminster College of Commerce and Accounting

Learn English Language Programs

The University of Westminster offers specialized programs in the study of English, before the academic study at the university, that the duration of study in these programs is 7-12 weeks. The center also works to support the students throughout the school.

Scientific research at the University

-The university is interested in scientific research in many scientific fields, business sectors and industry, and provides a number of applied research, which helps students to connect to the ground and the practical fields that they will join after study.

-The University has submitted a very large number of researches, which were characterized by high quality and recognition internationally, and this research has been in 13 specialties.

-The University of Westminster is ranked fourth in scientific research in the fields of arts, design, communications, and media, and is ranked third in the fields of English, health professions, and architecture.

-Most of the research submitted by the university, in the fields of psychology and law, political science, and neuroscience, has received internationally distinguished rankings.

-All research provided by the university in the fields of art, media and health professions and neuroscience is a world leader.

Research Centers at the University of Westminster

-Health Professions.

-Democratic Studies.

-Psychology, nerves.


-Media centers.

-Computer Science and Information Systems.

-Environmental sciences.

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