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University of Washington (UW) is an open research university in Seattle, Washington, United States. The UW was established in 1861. The University is one of the most se Tasoned colleges in the West Coast. University of Washington has been depicted as one of the government-funded universities.

University of Washington (UW) is an elected member of the Federation of American Universities. Budget research is among the highest in the United States. In athletics, which compete with the University at the Pacific Conference.

Information about University of Washington (UW)

University of Washington is one of the leading government universities in the world. Occupying the University of the 10th ranking on the world in Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranking and educating more than 54,000 students annually. The University is a public institutional university, founded in 1861. The total number of students enrolled in the university was about 29,754 on the size of the campus which is about 703 acres. University of Washington ranks in the 2015 edition of the Best National Colleges and Universities. Tuition fees at the university are approximately $ 12,394 (2014-15); tuition fees from outside the state are approximately $ 33,513 (2014-15). The University of Washington UW liberary

University of Washington receives large amounts of federal funding each year to strengthen its mission as a public research institution. The roots of the field of research The school hosts the University Research Symposium every year for students who present their work to the community. The School occupies a high position in Medicine, College of Engineering and Michael Foster School of Business. Nearly three quarters of UW graduates remain in the state.

University of Washington’s most famous alumni

The University of Washington includes renowned graduates including:

Thomas Foley, former US president in the House of Representatives.

And co-founder of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream.

Majors And Academic Programs – University of Washington (UW)

The University offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees through its 140 departments, in addition to organizing various colleges and schools:

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Henry Jackson School of International Studies

College Environments

Michael Foster School of Business

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Education

College of Engineering

Faculty of Environment

College of Graduate Studies

Information School

School of Law – University of Washington

faculty of Medicine

College of Nursing

School of Oceanography

faculty of Pharmacy

Daniel Evans School of Public Affairs

Faculty of Public Health

Faculty of Social Work

Faculty and ٍٍStaff

Faculty and staff members include University of Washington from around the world. Including 151 members of the American Society for the Advancement of Science, 68 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 67 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 53 members of the Institute of Medicine, 21 members of the National Council of the Academy of Engineering, 6 Nobel laureates, 2 holders One of the winners of the Fields Medal, 29 of the winners of the early career awards in science and engineering, 15 of MacArthur’s colleagues, 9 winners of the Gairdner Prize in the International Foundation, 5 of the winners of the National Medal of Science, and 5 of the winners The Albert Lasker Clinical Research Award, and 4 of the Members of the American Philosophical Society, 2 winners of the National Book Award, and 2 winners of the National Medal of the Arts.

University of Washington (UW) has a library system comprised of the top 18 libraries in the United States, with holdings of more than 7.5 million volumes. The Association of Research Libraries is ranked by the UW Library System and among the top five and fifteenth in various categories.

The University campus is located near the St. Louis Cultural Center. Students are always welcomed to visit the campus as an integral part of the St. Louis area.

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