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University of Salford is one of the best and most prestigious universities in Europe. University of Salford has received a number of positions from various universities in the world, due to its various disciplines, as well as its partnerships with many organizations.

About the University of Salford

-The University of Salford was founded more than fifty years ago and was one of the most important universities in Europe, where it was a beacon of civilization in dark ages.

-The University of Salford campus is located close to Manchester city centre. The university has over 18,000 students of different nationalities.

-The University of Salford is interested in the field of scientific research in a large and especially in the modern environmental and technological systems, especially in the field of computer and information technology.

-The University of Salford has the best grades, in the quality of education provided to students, especially in the biological sciences.

-The University is one of the few universities in the world, which broadcast a special television channel to broadcast lectures and educational subjects.

-The also provides the possibility to study full-time or half-time according to the desire of the student, as well as it facilitates the access to a good post-study.

Majors And Academic Programs of the University of Salford

The University has a large number of scientific and academic disciplines, including a Master’s and Doctorate degree, as well as a bachelor’s degree.

Faculty of Science and Accounting

Through this college, all financial and accounting transactions, the foundations of business administration and a number of sciences, including mathematics and others, are studied.

College of Engineering – University of Salford

The College offers a wide range of engineering specialities, especially the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The University also offers a large number of distinguished laboratories, and the University has a number of partnerships with major engineering companies, allowing students to interact with life Process before graduation.

College of Marketing and International Relations

And through this college is studying a large number of specialized studies on international issues and how to develop relationships, as well as the foundations of successful marketing and through this section is provided with a large number of training courses, for those who are enrolled and not enrolled in the university.

College of Psychology

And through this college is the study of the human soul, and the foundations of the treatment of psychological problems and ways to reduce them, as well as a study of crime and causes of suicide and others.

Faculty of Social Sciences

The college will study all aspects of European society, as well as adequate studies of all societies and problems, as well as adequate studies to solve them.

University services – University of Salford

The university campus is different from all kinds of universities in the world. The university is an integrated society within a school framework. The university has a number of educational and recreational activities.

Leisure life at the University of Salford

-The University provides a special theatre for the student union, through which it can study the foundations of theatrical representation and enjoy it.

-Inside the university, there are playgrounds for billiards, billiards and a cinema centre, as well as screens to display important football matches of the English Premier League.

-The university offers a number of distinctive shops to enjoy shopping within the university.

University education services – University of Salford

-The University offers a distinguished library to facilitate scientific research.

-Within the university, there are a large number of laboratories and classrooms, as well as educational courses at the highest level.

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