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The University of Reading is one of the most famous universities in Britain. The University is located in the Berkshire area. The University was founded in 1892 and is one of the oldest and oldest universities there. University of Reading is based on teaching the latest research in various fields. Of its museums and libraries.

Museums and Libraries University of Reading, UK

-The University of Reading has four magnificent museums, as well as two large libraries on campus and a number of specialized libraries of the university departments.

One of the University’s most famous museums is the English Rural Life Museum, which is located near the city center.

The University of Reading is largest library, located on the Whitens campus, contains more than a million books, as well as several electronic libraries, which collect thousands of electronic resources from important videos and clips. The library consists of five stories, 14 thousand meters.

Majors And Academic Programs – The University of Redding, UK

The University of Reading has a very large number of scientific disciplines. It is distinguished from the fact that it can obtain a number of higher degrees, including magister and doctorate in some disciplines. The University of Reading is also famous for providing the latest scientific research in the fields of agriculture and nutrition, The University’s departments are as follows:

Faculty of Agriculture – University of Reading

The College is continuously working to provide the latest development of agriculture and studies related to the genetic development of the plantations. It is also attached to a specialized scientific research center.

Faculty of Arts and Communication Design – University of Reading

This is a college that qualifies the student to know everything related to technical fields, especially in the areas of design development.

Faculty of Languages ​​and Literature – University of Reading

This faculty is divided internally into a number of departments, specialized in some languages ​​of the world, and the ways of its development, and the arts and literature related to them, at the top of these languages ​​German, French, Greek and others.

Other college names

-Faculty of Archaeology

-Faculty of Science, Archeology, Geography and Environment.

-School of Architecture.

-Collage of Arts – University of Reading.

-College of Biological Sciences.

-Faculty of Biomedical Sciences.

-Faculty of Environmental Sciences.

-College of practical management skills.

-College of Chemical Analysis.

-College of Chemistry.

-College of Pharmacy, Food and Chemistry.

-College of Classical Studies.

-Faculty of Clinical Sciences.

-College of Computer Science.

-Faculty of Project Management Engineering.

-College of Continuing Education.

-College of Business Sciences.

-Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Biology.

-College of Political Science and Economics.

-Faculty of Economics.

-College of Education – University of Reading.

-College of English Language.

-English Language College.

-College of Film, Theater and Television Industry.

-College of Food Sciences.

-Faculty of Geography and Environmental Sciences.

-Police Academy .

-College of Health.

-College of Business Administration.

-Faculty of History.

-Faculty of Humanities.

-School of Law – University of Reading.

-Management college.

-Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

-College of Sports and Statistics.

-Faculty of Meteorology.

-Faculty of Modern European Languages ​​and Studies.

-Faculty of National Studies and Arts.

-faculty of Pharmacy.

-College of Philosophy.

-College of Politics and International Relations.

-College of Psychology.

-Faculty of Graphic and Printing Sciences.

Services offered by the university to students

-The University of Reading provides student support, through many of the services provided to them, in order to provide the latest methods of teaching and teaching, which is clear as follows.

-The University of Reading offers a unique educational environment through a program known as, We work with you, which provides the latest scientific studies, for the studies offered by students.

-The University of Reading also provides a specialized program, in support of scientific research provided by students.

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