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The University of Potsdam | Universität Potsdam is a public university located in the Brandenburg district of Germany. The University has four branches divided between Potsdam and Brandenburg. Some of the university buildings are in fact part of the new Sanssouci Palace, which follows the World Heritage Centers of UNESCO. Potsdam is quite different from Potsdam University in New York.

General information about the University of Potsdam | Universität Potsdam

The University of Potsdam | Universität Potsdam is the largest university in Brandenburg and is the fourth largest university in the Brandenburg region. The Brandenburg region is known as one of Germany’s best-known educational and research sites, as well as in Europe. Scholarships and Science The German University of Potsdam | Universität Potsdam has won the Excellence in Teaching initiative organized by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft.

Historical buildings at the
University of Potsdam | Universität Potsdam

The University has UNESCO World Heritage buildings, such as the University Library and History Institute, Sanssouci Park in the New Palace, and the Institute of Mathematics. The Gulf Building is the oldest building on the university campus and was built in the 1930s. This building was formerly the headquarters of the Intelligence Section.

The most prominent of the faculties of the
University of Potsdam | Universität Potsdam

-Collage of Law

The Faculty of Law curriculum offers the basic courses required for the qualification of distinguished lawyers. This training includes civil law, criminal law and public law. Research is conducted in the fields of law, civil law, business law, international law, public administration, As well as business, taxation and environmental criminal law, all of which provide a great opportunity for specialized study in law. Furthermore, there is a German-French legal program in cooperation with the University of Paris-Ost.

-College of Philosophy

The University of Potsdam | Universität Potsdam offers research and teaching of religious studies, Jewish studies, Jewish theology, philosophy, history, classical jurisprudence, German studies, English studies, romantic studies, Slavic studies, art and media. The Faculty of Philosophy aims to achieve a broad understanding of the culture associated with all Aspects of human life.

-Faculty of Humanities – University of Potsdam

The study in the Faculty of Humanities is based on the study of cognitive sciences and pedagogical sciences. Excellence in cognitive sciences is often based on the Center for Cooperative Research. The scope of experimental research in educational sciences is being expanded and closely linked to education. The field of teaching and training aspiring teachers In all faculties, the Faculty of Humanities occupies a central role within the university.

-Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences is constantly renewed and contains many departments such as Business Administration, Economics, Political and Administrative Sciences, and Sociology. The College is one of the most important German institutes for research, training and consulting in the fields of policy research and management sciences.

-College of Mathematics and Science

The Faculty of Science at the University of Potsdam | Universität Potsdam contains biochemistry, biology, chemistry, nutrition, geography, earth sciences, environmental sciences, computer science, mathematics, physics and astronomy. Various programs are taught in geology, Nutrition sciences, polymer science, and software systems engineering.

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