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The Portuguese University of Porto is one of the most important and best universities in Portugal. University of Porto is one of the oldest institutions of higher education and the best research centres.

About the University of Porto

-The University of Porto was founded on March 21, 1911, when its aim was to train in the sciences of medicine, arts and the future.

-Since its inception, the University of Porto has provided a number of important training courses for students and non-students. These courses included a number of important applied sciences.

-In 1915, the University of Porto included the Faculty of Technology, College of Engineering, Faculty of Arts, College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Industries. The University was subsequently joined by the other departments in succession in the following years.

-The democratic transition in Portugal has had a great impact on the system and life of that university, to what it has become today, and over the years has been famous for enriching the world with much scientific research in various sciences, especially medical sciences.

-The University of Porto has 14 colleges and business administration schools, 16 libraries, 30,000 students, 2290 university professors in various sciences, and 636 degrees divided into 34 disciplines Bachelor’s degree, 18 Master’s degrees, 84 Degrees, 124 Master’s degrees and 376 courses.

Majors And Academic Programs of the University of Porto

-Faculty of Architecture, including studies of architecture, foundations, origins and history of this art, as well as studies of urban sciences.

-Faculty of Fine Arts and through this college is studying the history of art and a number of technical sciences, including graphics and graphic design and photography, graphic design and decorative interior – University of Porto.

-Faculty of Science and through this college is studying a number of sciences, including the sciences of biological engineering and biology, biochemical sciences, chemistry, chemical technology, earth sciences, geology, electronics, and a number of other sciences.

-College of Natural Studies and Food Science. This collage includes a number of studies related to the environment, including its sciences, engineering and how to develop them, as well as many studies related to agriculture and food – University of Porto.

-College of Mathematical Studies and through this faculty are studying the anatomy of the body of the organism, as well as many physical sciences and treatment by sports methods, and the use of sport in psychological therapy.

-Faculty of Law and through this college are studying the foundations of Portuguese law and the history of constitutions there, as well as many international legal studies, as well as the foundations and rules of democracy in the world – University of Porto.

-Faculty of Engineering This college includes many studies and engineering disciplines, including chemical engineering, technological engineering, civil and construction engineering, civil engineering laws, communications engineering, computer engineering, earth sciences engineering, electronics engineering, environmental engineering and engineering. Electricity and other.

-Oral and dental medicine, including the study of diseases related to mouth and teeth, and the basis for the development of treatment used in this manner of diseases, as well as the foundations of the use of radiation to treat diseases of the mouth and teeth – University of Porto.

-The Faculty of Psychological and Educational Sciences, including specialized studies in psychology, criminology, psychotherapy and studies on the basics of education.

-Faculty of Economic Studies.

-College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

-College of Arts – University of Porto.

-Faculty of medicine – University of Porto.

-College of Biochemical Studies.

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