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University of Pecs is one of the best and largest universities in Hungary, with more than 20,000 students a year and a large number of applied and academic sciences.

About the University of Pecs

-The University of Pecs was established in 1367, and is one of the oldest universities in Hungary. The university is located in Hungarian capital Hungary.

-The University of Pecs offers a number of classical studies of the values ​​of society, and their impact on the modern world, and it allows the study in English.

-Through the university you can get the master’s and doctoral degrees, in English, German and Hungarian.

-The University of Pecs was established by King Louis the Great, and since its inception, it has undergone many stages of development. It was joined by many departments, including the Faculty of Law, in 1951 and the Faculty of Economics in 1951.

-In 1990 the University of Pecs was enrolled in a number of other colleges, including the Faculty of Science and Health Studies and the Faculty of Arts, Music, Engineering and others.

Majors And Academic Programs of the University of Pecs

School of Law – University of Pecs

The course examines the foundations of international law, the development of the Hungarian Constitution, as well as the foundations of the law of economics and public finance, international criminal law and others.

Faculty of medicine

Through this college, a number of medical departments are being studied, including micro-surgery, cancer treatment, etc. The University also works on developing and developing scientific research, medical procedures and the foundations of clinical treatment.

Faculty of Humanities – University of Pecs

Through this college, a number of humanities are studied, namely the development of international relations and sociology, the foundations of the psychological sciences, as well as thorough studies on the developments of various human societies, and ways of solving the problems that are related to them and cause them.

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Through this college, various types of engineering studies are studied, including a study of architectural and civil engineering, as well as engineering of electricity and mechanics, as well as a special section for learning computer engineering and the foundations of information technology science.

College of Science – University of Pecs

This course will examine the various types of science, including biology, chemistry, biochemical sciences, physics, geosciences and geology, as well as a study of the impact of all these sciences on the environment and how to address all these environmental problems. Of specialized laboratories, which provide the opportunity for scientific research and practical application of this science.

Other UNU faculties

-College of Health Sciences.

-College of Pharmacy Sciences.

-College of Education and Cultural Studies.

-Faculty of Economic Studies and Business Administration.

-College of Music and Visual Art Studies.

Student services provided by the University

library – University of Pecs

The library is one of the largest and most important libraries in Europe. The library includes a number of different books. The library has large halls and was built in 1900. The library is divided into a number of departments, And a library of languages, which includes a number of books in English, German, Australian and Swiss, as well as a section of philosophical and political studies, and a section of history and another geography and other sciences, and other medical sciences and many other sections.

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