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Many students aspire to receive a scholarship and complete their education at one of the world’s most famous universities. While the idea of ​​studying at an external university is similar to many people, others look for specific universities and a specific level of study. Have you ever dreamed of attending one of the top 10 universities In the world? It is not impossible, and you can reach these important universities with a degree of work, diligence and concentration. To be prepared, if you have the opportunity, you need to get to know these universities very closely, which is what this subject gives you. Together we get to know Oxford University, The world ranking of universities is one of the oldest and oldest British universities. It offers a number of annual scholarships to students around the world, apart from the distinguished research conducted by its scientific team and is famous for the university. You know about Oxford according to thecompleteuniversityguide website, Scholarship in this prestigious university.

University site and mobility around

Located 100 kilometers north-west of London, the university is well connected to the capital and the rest of the country. It has a student population of more than 40,000 students. Most of Oxford University’s buildings are located in the middle of the town and can be reached by foot Or using a bike, from a student residence not far from the university site.

Method of admission to different educational programs

Admission to an educational program at the University of Oxford requires a written test, or answers to some questions in the admissions form, the form and test of which the university administration depends on the selection of qualified students to receive a degree in a world university that tops the top 10 universities in the world.

University status of scientific research

The University of Oxford, which has the highest income among other British universities, is one of the external funds in the scientific research budget. The university is known for its many facilities, such as the library and information technology, besides having the largest number of specialized scientific museums.

The most important sections and materials in University of Oxford

Oxford University has four important academic departments: Humanities, Medical Sciences, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Social Sciences, and the most distinguished subjects: Science, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Orthodontics, Engineering and Mathematics. Self-managed and independent financial resources.

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