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The University of Oklahoma is one of the most famous universities in the United States of America. University of Oklahoma is also one of the oldest universities in the United States.

About the University of Oklahoma

-The University was built in 1892 and since its inception, the University has enriched the world with graduates, at the highest level and has already managed to graduate a number of prominent places in the world.

-The University of Oklahoma works hard to confront crime and criminals, through research in the sciences related to crimes, and their causes in order to raise the status of society.

-Since 1905 the University of Oklahoma has been able to provide a large number of psychological and historical research, which has been able to solve many social problems.

-And, more than a hundred years ago, she has played a prominent role in setting up many sports competitions, especially power games.

Majors And Academic Programs – University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma has a large number of different academic and academic departments, including:

School of Architecture – University of Oklahoma

The faculty includes a number of different architectural sciences, a specialized department in construction sciences, another specialist in interior design, as well as a specialized department of urban planning, the foundations of the distribution of buildings, streets and internal divisions.

Colleges of Arts and Sciences – University of Oklahoma

College of Media Science and Film Industry

Through this college, the latest methods achieved in the process of filmmaking, as well as the stages of development of these methods have been studied since the first reliance on manual methods, in the process of editing, directing and filming, to those modern techniques that helped , To reach this limit of sophistication in filmmaking.

Faculty of History – University of Oklahoma

This college is working on the study of the various historical stages, which the world, especially those bright civilizations, which influenced the world strongly, as well as specialized studies in revolutions, which took place in the whole world and take advantage of these events, in those events all over the world .

Some other sections of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

-Center for Technological Studies

-African American Studies Center.

-Applied Studies Center.

-Department of Biological Sciences.

-Department of Chemistry and Biochemical Sciences.

-Department of Classical Studies.

-Department of Communication Sciences.

-Department of Economics.

-English department.

-Department of Health Studies.

-Department of Humanities.

-Department of Environmental Studies.

-Study of International Relations.

-Library Science Department.

-Mathematics Department.

-Department of Microbiology and Plant Sciences.

-Department of Modern Studies and Literature.

-Department of American Studies.

-Department of Philosophy.

-Physical Sciences Department.

-Department of Political Science.

-Department of Psychology.

-College of Religious Studies.

-Department of Sociology.

-Department of Democratic Studies.

Faculty of Environmental Studies and Geography – University of Oklahoma

The college is divided into two parts: the first is the study of geography and earth sciences, and all studies related to them, and the second is to study the environment and how to develop and maintain it.

College of Business Administration

It includes a special section of accounts, another in economics, another specialist in financial affairs, management sciences and a specialized department in management and information technology.

Faculty of Earth and Energy – University of Oklahoma

The College includes various departments related to petroleum studies, geological engineering as well as related sciences, mining and energy studies.

The University of Oklahoma also has a large number of departments, other specialized in education, engineering and fine arts.

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