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The University of New South Wales – UNSW is one of the best universities in Australia. The UNSW is ranked among the world’s top universities and is one of the most important companies seeking to recruit its graduates.

About the University of New South Wales – UNSW

-The University of New South Wales was founded in 1949, and the aim of its establishment was to be a major research center. It was initially a mechanical institute, and was established in 1878.

-The University of New South Wales was one of the most important pillars, which adopted the technological, scientific and industrial revolution, which was defined by Australia.

The new objective of University was to improve the material world and to cope with all the global challenges. This was especially after the end of World War II. The studies of the university included study of trade and economic factors World, and others.

-The University has undergone a great number of developments and additions to its faculties and departments. The last of these developments was in 1971. This development included the addition of a number of scientific disciplines to the university, including literature, medicine and law.

-The number of students of the university is about 50,000 students, and it includes students from about 128 other countries.

-The University of New South Wales – UNSW is located in the center of Sydney, and the UNSW is working to provide a climate of excellence in scientific research and experimentation, in order to raise the level of students, and also benefit the Australian community.

Majors And Academic Programs – University of New South Wales – UNSW

Faculty of Art and Creative Design – UNSW

The University of New South Wales has a number of distinguished technical departments, which are represented in graphic design departments, drawing departments, photography and murals, sculpture and embellishment departments, interior decoration and interior departments, and other distinguished artistic departments. College Obtaining a bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – UNSW

The College is one of the most important colleges that have a great impact on Australian society. The College provides many academic research on the most specific problems related to society and how to find effective solutions.

College of Engineering – University of New South Wales

The College includes a number of engineering departments. These include mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, electrical engineering, architecture, civil engineering and other departments.

Other colleges that follow the UNSW

College of Built Environment, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Science.

Services offered by the University to students – UNSW

-The University of New South Wales offers many student services, and at the head of these services specialized laboratories, in many fields of science, which allows students to study, research and experimentation.

-The University of New South Wales also provides a number of computer labs, libraries and libraries that offer students all the references they may need in their studies and research.

-The University of New South Wales also provides a student residence for expatriate students, and is equipped to the highest standard.

-This is in addition to taking care of the sports side in the life of students, through the establishment of sports training courses, as well as it is working on the establishment of sports marathons ongoing.

-All this in addition to providing the highest level of health and psychological care for students, and their families and carers.

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