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University of Montpellier is one of the most important French intensive research universities. University of Montpellier includes a number of different scientific and academic fields.

About the University of Montpellier

-The University of Montpellier is located in the south of France near the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the top six universities in France.

-The University of Montpellier has about 45,000 students, and a large number of these students have nationalities other than French nationality.

-The University of Montpellier is one of the oldest universities in France, since it was built in 1220, and has gone through many stages of development to the last stage, which was in 2015.

-The University has nine faculties, six institutes and two specialized schools, as well as a scientific research observatory specializing in many sciences.

University of Montpellier is one of the most important research universities in France and has already submitted a large number of specialized scientific research.

-This is in addition to the fact that the University has held several agreements of brotherhood between a number of countries and major institutions.

Majors And Academic Programs of the University of Montpellier

Faculty of Economic and Social Management

Through this college, a number of curricula related to sociology and social problems are examined in many countries as well as the relationship between these social problems and the economic problems or economic development of these countries.

Faculty of Medicine

The College is responsible for providing a number of important academic studies related to endemic diseases, microcosms, cancer treatment and other diseases. The College is one of the most important colleges in Europe in general, because of its great importance in the field of scientific research.

Faculty of Dentistry – University of Montpellier

This faculty has been able to provide a number of important and important researches in the fields of oral medicine and dentistry, because it is interested in studying the latest modern science in these fields, so it provides a large number of best laboratories and works to motivate students to provide The latest and best studies, in order to develop the level of scientific research at the university.

College of Science

This college includes the study of a number of specialized sciences, including biology, physics, geosciences and natural sciences, as well as a special section for environmental sciences. This college aims to benefit from all treasures and natural resources and to protect them from damage and access.

Other UNU Faculties

The University has a large number of colleges and other institutes, including the Faculty of Law and Political Science, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Education, the College of Science and Physical and Mathematical Activities, as well as three institutes, the Institute of Business Administration and the Institute of Management Sciences Business and Management Institute.

University services for students

Medical and therapeutic services

The University of Montpellier offers a number of medical and therapeutic services for the care and maintenance of students through one of the most specialized hospitals that follow the University. The University also provides great services in the field of psychiatry. These services are offered to all students, Especially those with special needs.

Technical services

The University of Montpellier offers a number of services to help students with skills and technical queens to learn and study the things they love and have skills by providing a number of courses to permanently educate students, as well as permanent exhibitions for their education And develop their skills.

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