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The Hungarian University of Miskolc is one of the best and most important universities in Hungary, but also the oldest, and the university offers a large number of scientific and academic sections.

About the University of Miskolc

-The University of Miskolc was inaugurated in 1735 when the purpose of its establishment was the study of geosciences and its engineering. It was an institute affiliated to the government, after which the university was assigned a specialized centre for basic technological education.

After that, the development of the university continued until 1770, when the University of Miskolc was admitted to the European Science Center, and a large number of lecture halls and libraries were opened.

-The University of Miskolc relies on providing the best educational curricula and enriching the educational process with the latest technology that facilitates it.

The University of Miskolc is specialized in scientific research. The centre is specialized in the field of earth sciences and engineering. It has been established since the establishment of the university and has already been able to provide many specialized scientific researchers.

Majors And Academic Programs of the University of Miskolc

The University of Miskolc is divided internally into several institutes, and these institutes are divided as follows:

Institute of Geology and Mineral Sciences

It is considered one of the oldest departments in the University of Miskolc since it was founded in the foundation, and is specialized in the study of geological sciences and geology layers and engineering based on them, as well as specialized studies in mineral science, in addition to the section constantly offers many Of scientific research, and one of the most important researches provided through it, research on geotechnical engineering, as well as research on the environment and how to manage and use it, and another research on the science of petroleum, natural gas and minerals and the exploitation of the environment without damaging them.

Institute of Mining and Geotechnical Engineering – University of Miskolc

The Institute provides specialized educational programs in earth sciences, mineral sciences, energy sources, mining and mechanical techniques used in this process and the basis for the development of these technologies. The Institute provides the students with the latest available studies on this matter, as well as It provides them with practical training, through a specialized centre in scientific research and the foundations and methods of modern mining.

Institute of Geography and Geology

Through this institute, the geographical divisions of the world, the nature of each region and its richness, how to benefit from these resources, how to extract them, as well as specialized studies in environmental sciences related to each region in particular, as well as studies related to the economy of these places.

Institute of Geological Studies and Geophysics – University of Miskolc

Through this institute, many scientific subjects are studied, including the engineering of materials, physiology, mining engineering, earth sciences and many environmental-related materials. The department is followed by a specialized centre in scientific research. This centre provides practical training to students, This section also provides a master’s and doctorate degree.

Institute of Environmental Management – University of Miskolc

The Institute is specialized in the teaching of environmental engineering, and many programs that specialize in this field, through which hydrography can be studied, and it is also possible to study the water structures and ways to use them.

This is in addition to two other sections, the Institute of Petroleum Studies and Natural Gas Studies, the Institute of Natural Materials Preparation and the foundations of environmental processes.

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