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The University of Marburg is one of the oldest and oldest universities in Europe, in general, and in Germany in particular, and is a beacon to teach many sciences and arts.

About the University of Marburg

-The University of Marburg was established in 1527, and it was established at the time of its establishment of ten professors and ninety students only. It included the departments of medicine, law and philosophy. Then the developments continued on the university to reach the police college from among the university departments. Was the subject of philosophical controversy in 1723, and the university is located in the city of Hessen and followed developments on the university until September 1945, which saw great development and movements of students in the fields of scientific research until 1960.

-Now the University of Marburg is a public university, does not have a unified university campus, and the university has about 26 thousand students annually, and the number of employees up to 7500 people.

-The University of Marburg has a great place in Germany so that the Union of German doctors is still so far named Marburg Association, and one of the most distinguished historians of the university that the first professor of chemistry in Europe, was teaching at the University of Marburg in 1609.

The most prominent graduates of the University of Marburg

Email Adolph von Behring

He was a German doctor and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine. This was in 1901, as a result of his knowledge of the treatment of diphtheria and tetanus. He was the first person to receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Carl Ferdinand Brown

A German scientist and inventor. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his contribution to the development of radio and television technology. This was shared with the world’s scientist, Guillermo Marconi.

Robert Benson

He is a German chemist who has made many discoveries in invasive methods of analysis. He is the inventor of the Benson stove and has had many important discoveries of a number of chemical elements.

Majors And Academic Programs of the University of Marburg

College of Legislation – University of Marburg

The general rules of many public authorities in the country, as well as the legal rules and written documents, are examined through this college. It is also possible to study the types of legislation that follow the law and philosophy.

College of European Ethnology – University of Marburg

Through this college, the achievements, civilization, culture and beliefs of peoples are studied, as well as through studies of human history and development on the ground.

College of Chinese Studies – University of Marburg

Through this college, everything related to China is studied in language, literature and history, in addition to the achievements that Chinese scientists can achieve.

College of Ancient Greek and Quinian Language

Through this section, we examine everything related to the ancient Greek language, the developments that have taken place over the ages, as well as the history and literature of Greece.

College of Archeology – University of Marburg

Through this college, all aspects of past and ancient life, from the ancient stone ages to modern history, are studied for different countries of the world and for Germany in particular.

Other UNU Colleges

The University of Marburg has a large number of colleges and other disciplines, including the Faculty of Economics, the School of Philosophical Studies, the Faculty of Political Science, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Religious Studies, the School of Peace Studies, Conflicts and the Faculty of Protestant and Catholic theology.

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