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University of Manitoba is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Canada. The University of Manitoba has three headquarters. The first and main headquarters are located in the Panet area. The second is located in Fort Ghazi. The third is located in William Nuri, one of the most important research centers in Canada. , As well as their educational significance.

About the University of Manitoba

-The University of Manitoba was established in 1877, and is one of the best universities in Canada. It is also one of the most famous universities in the world in a number of fields, especially the field of medicine, to enrich the world with many specialized researches in the fields of cardiology, Treatment of infectious and endemic diseases.

-This is in addition to the research provided by the university, in the science of clinical detection, and the sciences related to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and others.

-The University of Manitoba includes 20 colleges, and allows a large number of degrees, including a master’s and doctorate and others.

-The University of Manitoba has been able to provide a number of scientific research, relating to many diseases, including treatment of AIDS, as well as the University has discovered edible canola plant, and its benefits to health.

-The number of students within the university, exceeds 26 thousand students, and the number of these students and expatriates from other countries.

Majors And Academic Programs – University of Manitoba

Faculty of medicine

The College includes a large number of medical departments, including genetics, community health sciences, continuing medicine, family medicine, genetics and gynecology, environmental health and physiology, radiotherapy, ophthalmology And other important sections.

College of Engineering – University of Manitoba

This college consists of four main sections:

-Biological systems engineering.

-Computer and Information Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

-civil engineering .

-Mechanical Engineering.

In addition, this college provides specialized curricula for those with previous educational experience in the engineering fields, and the possibility of choosing the scientific section to be studied is mainly due to the student’s desire.

Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

This college is able to obtain a bachelor’s degree through four years of study within the university and there is one year for qualifying at the beginning of regular study in this section.

College of Agriculture and Nutrition Sciences – University of Manitoba

It is possible to obtain a master’s degree and a doctorate, and is divided into animal sciences in terms of nutrition, anatomy and reproduction, and agricultural engineering, including crop production, food resources, etc., and the ecology of agriculture, including ecosystems and agricultural production.

College of Science

The degrees are awarded in biological, microbiology and laboratory sciences, mathematics and statistics, biological sciences, physics, space and others.

Faculty of Earth Sciences and Environmental Resources

This college includes a number of interdisciplinary sciences, including environmental sciences, geography, nature, social sciences, physical, law, education, management systems, computers and others.

The University of Manitoba also includes a number of other faculties: the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, the Faculty of Education, the College of Nursing, the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Movement and Entertainment Sciences, the Faculty of Social Work, Human Environment, and the College of Music.

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