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The University of Guelph in Canada is a unique university in terms of focus on the learner and intensive research, and the campus extends to the centers of rural communities and urban centers. The University of Guelph recognizes its excellence in science and the arts, and is committed to the development of rare thinkers and more active citizens.

The University of Guelph has approximately 28,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The campuses are located in Guelph, Toronto and Ridgetown, including 1200 international students from 100 countries or more and were ranked 333 in 2016 by QS.

Majors And Academic Programs – University of Guelph:

Business Administration and Economics – University of Guelph

The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics is one of the best departments in the University of Guelph. It attracts students, faculty members with social conscience and environmental awareness, who are committed to community participation, and offers strong and challenging programs for students in five academic units:

-Department of Administrative Affairs

-Department of Economics and Finance

-Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies

-Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management School

-Professional Graduate Programs (Master of Leadership and MBA)

Social Sciences and Applied Human Sciences

This college consists of eight departments, and offers programs that can interact with other departments and colleges, research centers and other universities related to them.

Faculty of Arts – University of Guelph

I found the wealth of knowledge and creativity in the Faculty of Arts, which helps to serve the community by exploring the depth of human experience in the present or the past, which works to chart a good way for the future.

College of Agriculture – University of Guelph

The Ontario College of Agriculture is one of the most unique colleges around the world, offering a wide range of academic options for students, catering to most of their interests and interests, through 4 campuses in Guelph, Alfred, Kimptville and Ridgetown.

Social Sciences and Applied Human Sciences

This college includes 8 sections, and also offers some programs to interact with other colleges and research centers and other related parties.

Physical Sciences and Engineering – University of Guelph

Students in the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering develop their skills in qualitative and quantitative analysis, in addition to the skills that can be applied in a variety of jobs and difficult tasks.

College of Veterinary Medicine – University of Guelph

The Ontario School of Veterinary Medicine is dedicated to the advancement of this specialty, through teaching, service and research, and is the oldest veterinary college in Canada and the United States, where he began teaching veterinary medicine since 1862.

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