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The Scottish University of Edinburgh offers its students more than 600 courses in various fields of study for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees.

The University of Edinburgh was established by royal order from 1582 to become the fourth Scottish university. The University of Edinburgh did not have its own university campus but was represented in several buildings in the Scottish capital. The university’s first building was the old college, which is now the University’s law department building in South Bridge.

Thanks to its history, the University of Edinburgh has helped establish a number of historic buildings in the center of the Scottish capital, including the Student Union Building, the world’s oldest Teviot Row House, where student youth activities are held continuously. In 2011, the University of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh College of Arts merged under the name University of Edinburgh.

Majors And Academic Programs – University of Edinburgh

The degree of leave in medicine is one of the most famous degrees in the university, which aims to learn research based on scientific study and experience. The University of Edinburgh is also distinguished at the UK level by the best study programs in various disciplines.

study fees

University tuition at University of Edinburgh is relatively high for international students and very low for local students, with £ 1820 for Scottish students on university leave while the rest of UK universities charge an estimated £ 9,000 per student on university leave. For non-European international students, there is an opportunity to be accepted and funded by the Scottish Government.

University life

The Scottish capital of Edinburgh is characterized by a noisy atmosphere full of night celebrations where its bars are often open until early in the morning. The city has a mix of contemporary and medieval architecture in the old city. The cobbled roads and ancient stones lie beneath the majestic city castle alongside the modern or modern Georgian city center. Edinburgh was also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the site of the largest closed space for climbing practice.

University buildings and facilities

Most University of Edinburgh buildings are located in the city center itself and the university student residence is just a few minutes’ walk from the university itself.

Residence – University of Edinburgh

In the Hallock Halls, student accommodation includes meals that are already set at the beginning of each semester and are a good option for most students. The subscription fee ranges between £ 116 and £ 237 per week depending on whether the room is shared or shared With one or several people.

The food is on two meals a day, seven days a week, for all those living in the building. This is not the only building of its kind. There are 24 similar buildings with a weekly rental fee of between £ 57 and £ 122, most of which are shared apartments. Private accommodation, which allows students who do not want to live in the student dormitories, allows them to stay on a weekly rent of between £ 70 and £ 76 not including the apartment bills.

Education – University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh recently launched a new investment of £ 44 million to develop several veterinary science buildings and re-pump new blood into the central library. In addition to the above, there has been a recent investment in the campus, with the aim of expanding the construction of a sports center and medical research center for radiation scanning, in addition to the development and renovation of a university department for business administration and information technology.

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