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The University of Dayton is the most challenging university among American academic universities, offering more than 80 student programs and 50 specialized programs for graduates in various types of science offered by the University of Dayton.

About the University of Dayton

-The University of Dayton accepts many incoming students to study English only, without entering the university, and is working to provide the best English language certificates.

-The University is located in the American city of Dayton, located in Ohio, and was established in 1850, and was then at the top of Catholic research universities, in America.

-Graduates from the University annually, more than 2,400 students, of different types of fields.

-The University of Dayton also includes a large number of scientific research centers, which are interested in solving the problems of global and local as well.

-The University has been named one of the top 50 American universities, and has been named one of the best universities in the world.

Colleges in University of Dayton 

School of Law – University of Dayton

The College is divided into a number of departments, including criminal law, international law, administrative law, and other legal departments.

Faculty of Fine Arts and Sciences

Through this college students are taught, all related to the history of art, as well as a number of other departments, including the department of artistic design and drawing and photography department, and the Department of murals and others, and is one of the best colleges that specialize in this area. USA .

Faculty of Biology

This college specializes in everything related to living sciences, including environmental sciences, food, energy and various humanities, and this college strongly supports scientific research.

Faculty of Chemistry – University of Dayton

This college includes many studies related to chemistry, including biochemical sciences, medical sciences, pharmacy, petrochemical sciences, and chemical analysis sciences. This college also provides the best chemical laboratories for the advancement of the educational process.

Faculty of Communication Sciences

Through this college, all communication sciences, methods of development and relevant journalism sciences, international relations and laws related to communication sciences, media sciences and others are learned.

Faculty of Computer – University of Dayton

The College is specialized in the development of network and digital sciences, and all related to the development of the computer and its operating systems, and its services, and the faculty is characterized by the provision of computer labs, at the highest level.

Faculty of Criminology – University of Dayton

The College teaches all aspects of crime science, in order to protect society and limit its development, as well as the department’s forensic departments.

College of English Language

It is one of the oldest faculties of the University of Dayton . It works on studying all aspects of the English language, the stages of its development, and the history and literature related to English.

Other UNU faculties

The University of Dayton has a large number of other faculties, including the Faculty of Economics, Geology, Geoscience, Earth Sciences, Foreign Language College, Literature, History College, Human Rights College, College of International Studies, College of Mathematics, Police College, College of Music, College Philosophy, Faculty of Physical Sciences, Faculty of Political Science and other colleges.

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