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The University of Copenhagen is one of the oldest and oldest universities in Denmark, and is one of the most important universities in Europe, in general, and is located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

About the University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The University of Copenhagen was founded in 1479 in Copenhagen and is one of the oldest universities in the Scandinavian countries, the University of Uppsala.

-Over the past years, the university has managed to graduate a large number of prominent political figures, intellectuals, and scientists.

-The University of Copenhagen was basically a beacon of teaching, Catholic theology, and then was added the sciences of medicine and the rights and philosophy to them.

-The University of Copenhagen was closed in 1531 because of the Protestant movement. It was reopened in 1537 by King Christian III after the Protestant reform process. Its educational areas were reformed and a condition was established for obtaining degrees through it. Pass a number of exams.

-The University of Copenhagen has more than 39,000 students, and about half of these students are enrolled in the university, to obtain the degrees of Masters and Ph.D., and a large number of university students, foreigners coming to study.

-The University of Copenhagen relies on teaching the Danish language, and there are some materials taught, in English or German.

-The University of Copenhagen is one of the most important institutes, the highest research in the world, as it allocates a budget of up to one billion dollars, for the development of scientific research.

-As for the university’s global standing, the University of Copenhagen ranks 40th among the best universities in the world.

The most famous graduates of the University of Copenhagen

-Nuclear scientist Nobel laureate, in physics Niles Bohr.

-Nils Reberg Vinson.

-The world of medicine August Kragh.

Medical scientist Johannes Andreas Gharib.

-The world of medicine Henrik Dam.

-The world of medicine and Niles Kay Yarni.

-The world of physics as an ignoramus.

-One of astronauts Tiko is surprised.

And other scholars, scholars, and politicians.

Majors And Academic Programs of the University of Copenhagen

College of Theology

Through this college, the history of early Christianity, the persecution of Roman Christians, the great dissolution, the Protestant Reformation, the most important fathers of the Church, the most famous manuscripts, the models of the Scriptures and the most prominent personalities are studied. Christians.

School of Law

Through this college, the law is studied, within the framework of the policy and legislation, as well as the organization of the rights and duties of individuals and organizations, according to several rules developed by the jurists, and the college is divided into two branches of private law and public law.

Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences is divided into the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Psychology and Sociology.

Faculty of medicine – University of Copenhagen

This course is based on the applied practical approach, relying on the documented scientific studies, which were obtained through laboratory experiments and clinical sciences.

College of Human – University of Copenhagen

This course examines the various philosophical and moral theories that have been presented about the value and efficiency of man, whether individual or group.

Other UNU faculties

-Faculty of Natural Sciences through which all physical physical aspects are studied.

-College of Pharmacy and the manufacture of chemical drugs and pharmaceutical preparations.

-Faculty of Environmental Sciences and through them, studying the science of living organisms and weather science and geology.

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