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The University of Bonn is one of the best and largest universities in Europe and is the destination of a large number of overseas students to study in Europe, through which to obtain the degrees of bachelor’s and masters and doctorate.

About the University of Bonn

-The University of Bonn was established more than 200 years ago in Germany and includes a number of the best colleges and institutes there.

-The University of Bonn studies more than 35 thousand students annually, and it also allows remote study.

-One of the most important features of the university is that it allows study in English and German.

-The College has many partnerships with various institutions in the world, in order to develop the educational process and raise the level of students.

-The number of foreign students at the university is about four thousand students from different nationalities around the world.

-The University of Bonn has been involved in many developments since its establishment to date, in addition to 58 libraries.

Majors And Academic Programs of the University of Bonn

Catholic Theological Seminary – University of Bonn

Through this college, all Catholic theology is studied, as well as extensive studies on the history and spread of Christianity in Europe and its era of pride and persecution, as well as specialized studies on the archaeology and abandoned manuscripts, Study of the Holy Scriptures and the existing copies thereof.

College of Protestant Theological Studies

This course deals with matters relating to the Protestant Church, a study of the Holy Scriptures and the influence of the priests of this sect.

Faculty of Law and Economics – University of Bonn

This course examines the international law and the foundations of the law in general, as well as the developments of the constitutions passed by Germany as well as studies specialized in the foundations of the global economy, and how to develop the economic stages and address the global economic problems.

Faculty of Medicine – University of Bonn

Through this college, a number of different medical departments are being studied. The University is followed by a specialized hospital and a number of clinics, allowing the student to study in a live manner. This section is also attached to a specialized scientific research centre.

College of Arts – University of Bonn

Through this college, a number of specialized technical departments, including music, painting and decoration, are being studied, as well as a number of institutes including the Institute of Archeology and the Institute of Arts, the Institute of Philosophy and the Institute of Psychological Studies and others.

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Through this college, a number of natural sciences are studied. They are divided into the Faculty of Mathematics, the Faculty of Information Sciences, the Faculty of Physical and Space Sciences, the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Geological Studies and the College of Biological Sciences. Including animal science, genomics, microbiology, biophysics and others, as well as a college specializing in pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

Faculty of Agriculture

And through this college is studying a number of sciences related to the nature of the land, and how to adapt it to agriculture as well as food science and other sciences.

Services provided by the University of Bonn

-The University of Bonn provides a large number of distinguished services and at the top of these services the possibility of study remotely, without going to Germany from the ground up to the exam days can be examined through the Internet.

-The University site allows students to communicate with teachers all day of the week and throughout the day.

-The University of Bonn provides a good climate of cooperation, in order to develop scientific research and develop the curricula on which students depend.

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