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The University of Alabama is one of the best American universities. The University is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The university was established in 1831. It also includes many important scientific departments. It also receives many international students. Important centers of scientific research in many disciplines.

About the University of Alabama

The University has two branches: the first one in Alabama and the second one in Birmingham, the Birmingham branch was established in 1969. Both branches have a large number of scientific disciplines including energy sciences, medicine, some literary sciences and others. , And the University has a number of distinguished services for American students and expatriates.

Specializations  University of Alabama

College of Fine Arts – University of Alabama

This college is able to obtain a bachelor’s degree in science, as well as that the student can get the degree of master’s and doctorate of them, and includes a number of technical departments, including design, and the art of theater, and the arts of fashion and others.

Faculty of Education – University of Alabama

This college includes a number of departments to teach students the basics of education and education, and graduated the best teachers in various fields, and through which to obtain the degree of Bachelor’s.

Faculty of medicine – University of Alabama

It is possible to obtain a bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree, and is constantly working on providing the latest scientific research and teaching it to students.

college of Literature – University of Alabama

Through the college, it is possible to study the various literary studies of many countries in the world.

The University has a number of specialized colleges in many other fields, such as the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Nursing, the Faculty of Ophthalmology and Optometry, the Faculty of Public Health, the Faculty of Business Administration, and the Faculty of Engineering , College of Pure Mathematics, College of Social Sciences, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, and College of Engineering.

Scientific Research Centers of the University

The University of Alabama offers a number of scientific research centers in a number of important fields, including a center for energy research, another for mineral research and mining methods, another for research in economics, and another center specializing in information technology.

The most important services provided to university students

Health Services

The University of Alabama is constantly engaged in providing health services to students, in particular, students with special needs, and students suffering from any chronic diseases. The University also works to provide the best psychological services for students, as well as to provide awareness Adequate for students to resist drug and alcoholism.

Sports services

In this regard, the University of Alabama is working to provide a number of sports competitions, on an ongoing basis, so as to improve the health of students and the nature of their daily lives.

Parents awareness programs

One of the most important services provided by the University of Alabama is a center that specializes in raising parents’ awareness. This department works to provide parents with adequate education and ways to deal with students of different ages, especially if these students need to support the family in a certain way, Suffer from addiction, or some psychological and family problems.

Establish activities

The University of Alabama offers a wonderful atmosphere for students who can practice their favorite activities. The most important activities are painting, poetry, singing, authorship, theater, handicrafts and others.

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