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The University Fernando Pessoa is one of the most important universities that follow the government education in Portugal, and the University Fernando Pessoa specializes in many scientific disciplines.

About the Portuguese University Fernando Pessoa

-The University Fernando Pessoa was established in July 1996, and since it was established, it has two institutes of higher education. It is now one of the best Portuguese universities and has three faculties.

-There are many seminars and training courses in the University Fernando Pessoa to raise the level of the educational process, as well as the selection of professors at the highest level, and also the selection of equipment and educational tools with the latest types to ensure the success of the educational process.

-The University Fernando Pessoa is now one of the best educational institutions in Europe in general, and the university provides a number of excellent student services, which include healthcare, sports and culture as well as the care of student families and others.

One of the most important distinguishing features of the University Fernando Pessoa is the great interest in scientific research. The Universityoffers several specialized centres, as well as many facilities in order to enrich the scientific research process.

Majors And Academic Programs of the University Fernando Pessoa

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Through this college, a number of important divisions are being studied as follows:

-Department of Business Administration This section is divided into six semesters, through which the study of economics, statistics and finance, and the laws of finance and the foundations of marketing, and the foundations of management and others.

-Faculty of Clinical Psychological Studies, and through this college is studying the various sciences that relate to psychology, mental illness, psychotherapy and addiction treatment, and is divided into four semesters.

-The Faculty of Communication Sciences is divided into the Department of Press and Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Communication Technology, each with its own science and divided into four semesters.

The Faculty of Criminology is divided into three semesters, through which it is possible to study justice and human rights, the relationship of crime to societies and the development of crime sciences and others.

-Faculty of Human Sciences through which the study of public health and is divided into three semesters, followed by a centre for scientific research – University Fernando Pessoa.

-College of Information Science is divided into five semesters, through which the study of information analysis, as well as information technology and others.

-Faculty of Science through which the study of construction technology, and the foundations of media and design and other sciences.

-Faculty of Construction Technology This college is divided into six semesters and is studied in several languages.

-Faculty of Political Science and International Relations.
College of Psychology – University Fernando Pessoa.

Faculty of sciences and technology

-Faculty of Architecture and Construction Sciences and this college is working on the study of a number of studies, which relate to the science of construction and the foundations of construction and architectural designs.

-Faculty of Civil Engineering, and through this college is studying the various sciences related to civil engineering, which includes chemical and physical studies and the study of mathematics.

-Faculty of Computer Science Engineering, through which is studying a number of technological materials, which are related to computer science and web design and others.

-Faculty of Geology and Earth Sciences – University Fernando Pessoa.

-Faculty of Environmental Sciences.

-Faculty of Environmental Quality and Safety.

Faculty of Health Sciences – University Fernando Pessoa

And through which the study of languages ​​and development and related to it, and include spoken languages ​​and the relationship of the brain in languages ​​and the process of language and others.

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