The best universities to study chemical engineering in the UK


If you are a fan of science of all kinds, from physics and chemistry to mathematics, and you enjoy them all together, chemical engineering is the right choice for you.

But, what is chemical engineering? What are the tasks of a chemical engineer?

Chemical engineering is the practical application of mathematics and science, to design and produce products every day on a wide scale,” according to The Guardian.

In other words, chemical engineers apply physical sciences such as physics and chemistry, with life sciences such as biology, in parallel with mathematics and economics to produce chemicals and energy.

The chemistry engineer is primarily interested in turning raw materials into things that can be more useful. They are also interested in advanced sciences, such as nanotechnology and bioengineering.

Chemical engineering is a complex subject that requires well-established institutes and universities to teach. Of course, such universities will be in the UK, among the world’s most advanced industries and sciences. In addition to being one of the best paid jobs in the UK, the average graduate’s income is about £ 30,000 a year. If you want to get good money from the start, this is the section you should specialize in.

Below we present the best chemical engineering universities in the UK :

University of Newcastle

Last year’s ranking was ranked ninth, thanks to its high grades, especially in the student satisfaction index. She has never graduated from the top 10 universities since the start of the CUG. She has a remarkable track record in graduate studies, with an employment rate of 88% for her graduating students.

You can specialize in the fourth year, focusing on bioremediation, process automation and sustainable engineering.

University of Hiroet – Watt

It was ranked fifth in 2016, but today in a good position, eighth, the University of Heriot-Watt holds the standards of admission, but has the quality of research competing with many universities in this list.

A wide range of options are available for available practical courses, including the unique option recommended by Future Engineers, a five-year program funded by a company.

University of Strathclyde

Is firmly in seventh place in the classification of the integrated directory of universities in the field of chemical engineering, its reputation means that the Department of Chemical Engineering has one of the best rates of employment after graduation in this list.

The department’s chemical engineering curriculum will enable you to go through everything from analysis and statistics to nanotechnology and security management in later years.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester has done a good job, having risen to sixth place on the list of the best chemical engineering universities in the UK. With a good rate of research quality, the University of Manchester is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Desired by those who wish to study chemical engineering. But the rate of satisfaction of students at this university is the lowest among all the universities of this list.

University of Edinburgh

It is true that the University of Edinburgh has dropped its rank by one rank last year, but being the highest ranking between the University of Scotland in chemical engineering, this is an important achievement, apart from anything else.

You will find some of the most satisfied students among the best universities of chemical engineering in Britain at the University of Edinburgh, and postgraduate levels of employment are high enough to be a university ranked 20th in the United Kingdom.

University of Birmingham

Because of its significantly higher entry standards, student satisfaction, and postgraduate employment, the University of Birmingham has moved forward two places over the past year. There are a range of study options to choose from, as well as studying abroad or taking a double degree in a foreign language.

University of Bath

With a bronze medal in third place, the University of Bath offers a curriculum in chemical engineering that “develops communication skills, technical and managerial skills and provides a strong design element.” Student satisfaction rates and postgraduate recruitment are high, and there are also research programs available in multiple areas in stem cell research, small reactors, and water treatment.

Imperial College of London

It was another great year for the College of Chemical Engineering at the Royal College of London, where it ranked second in 2015 and 2016, its first place in the narrower margins again.

Chemical engineering degrees from the Royal College take the form of three at the undergraduate level: a four-year MEng chemical engineering degree; chemical engineering with a year abroad; options include: Singapore, Australia, and the United States; or chemical and nuclear engineering.

Cambridge University

Cambridge University is a wonderful choice. It is still ahead of the University of Bath and its rival in London, the Royal College.

The quality of scientific research exceeds all its competitors, and one will have a life with a double university degree from both universities: Oxford and Cambridge. The lowest admission rate is A * A * A *. Mathematics, physics and chemistry are basic materials and are therefore the best universities of chemical engineering in the UK.

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