Best universities in Germany


Best universities in Germany
The results of the international classification of universities on the QS site indicate that 43 German universities are ranked among the best universities in the world. Germany remains the most attractive place for students to provide quality education at affordable cost. Two of Germany’s top universities are located in Munich, while Berlin has three other univer

Munich Technical University

Is ranked 60th globally this year, a research university offering a wide range of courses in engineering, natural sciences, medical science and economics.

University of Heidelberg

It is 66th in the world and is located in the city of Heidelberg. It is also the oldest university in Germany. Although not the first of the best universities in Germany, it is highly respected as an educational institution.

Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich

Is ranked 75th in the world, a research university that is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. It also joins the Technical University of Munich to make Munich a world leader in higher education.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Is ranked 93rd worldwide and has been ranked 34th this year, based in the city of Karlsruhe in southwestern Germany.

Freie Universität Berlin

Ranked 119th internationally, and internationally recognized for its research achievements in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as Natural Sciences. It is currently the highest rated university in Berlin.

Humboldt University in Berlin

Ranked 126th in the world alongside the University of Maryland and the University of Erasmus Rotterdam. The University is also one of the leading universities in Berlin.

University of Freiburg

She is ranked 133rd in the world beside the University of Pittsburgh, and is famous for her research achievements as well as the teaching of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences for a long time.


Is ranked 145th in the world and is the university that focuses its research on technology. It is also a member of IDEA, a consortium of the top four technology universities in Europe.

University of Göttingen

Ranked 168th in the world, a government research university located in Göttingen. The University was founded in 1734 by British King George II and played a major role in the development of the city and the surrounding area.

University of Tübingen

Ranked 173rd in the world alongside the University of Otago in New Zealand. A famous research university with a strong influence on the city where students make up a third of the population.

The following top German universities are in the category:

Technical University of Berlin: 178th place in the world.

University of Bonn: ranked 210 globally.

University of Hamburg: ranked 219th globally.

Dresden University of Technology: 227th place in the world.

Goethe University in Frankfurt: ranked 243 globally.

Darmstadt University of Technology: ranked 246 worldwide.

University of Stuttgart: ranked 251 worldwide.

University of Munster: ranked 256 worldwide.

Erlingen University of Nuremberg: ranked 292 worldwide.

University of Constance: ranked 319 globally.

University of Cologne: ranked 331 worldwide.

University of Ulm: ranked 338 globally.

University of Bremen: ranked 351 globally.

Hanover University: 366th in the world.

University of Mainz: ranked 375 worldwide.

University of Vienna: ranked 381 globally.

University of Leipzig: ranked 384 worldwide.

University of Mannheim: ranked 394 globally.

University of Kiel: Rank 410 – 401 globally.

University of Würzburg: Rank 410 – 401 globally.

Al-Ruhr University: 421-430 globally.

University of Bayreuth: ranked 451 – 460 globally.

University of Regensburg: ranked 461 – 470 globally.

Marburg University: ranked 491 – 500 globally.

Dortmund University of Technology: ranked 491 – 500 globally.

Bielefeld University: 501-550 worldwide.

Braunschweig Technical University: 501-550 worldwide.

Saarland University: 501-550 worldwide.

Halle University: ranked 551 – 600 globally.

University of Duisburg – Aisen: 551 – 600 worldwide.

University of Dusseldorf: ranked 551 – 600 globally.

University of Rostock: ranked 551 – 600 globally.

University of Giessen: ranked 601 – 650 globally.

This is the list of the best universities in Germany that you have to know so that you can make your decision to come to study in Germany .. What do you think, which of the best German universities will fit you more?

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