The 10 Most popular majors in Universities in the World


Majors in Universities
After graduating from high school, the journey begins with the choice of university specialization appropriate to him, and the most appropriate choice must be followed by the student is the choice of a required field in the labor market for several years to come, and must be this specialty loved by the student, so that he can succeed in it The student should not choose a field that is not required in the labor market because he likes it. Rather, he must balance his love and passion with specialization and between practical market demands.

The 10 Most popular majors in Universities in the World

1- Engineering

Engineering is one of the most widely recognized university disciplines in the world. This is a specialization that continues to be strong both in the past and the next ten years, especially in computer engineering, electrical and chemical engineering, genetic engineering and scientific research, as well as aeronautics and aeronautics. That practical disciplines are required by 80%, while administrative disciplines are required by only 20%.

2- Health sciences

Health sciences remain at the top of the pyramid in the most widespread university disciplines in the world, whether in the field of human medicine, veterinary medicine or nursing. The field of health sciences is indispensable all the time. The passage of time, as well as the therapeutic discoveries, are increasing. The most common field of physical medicine is the field of dentistry, heredity, psychiatry and physiotherapy.

3- Business Administration

Business Management is one of the most important disciplines in the world. It is the specialization of decision making and implementation. Business management has several stages: planning, organization, team distribution, guidance, supervision and budgeting. The world’s first business school is: The first business school in the United States was in 1881, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. The world’s most prestigious business school is the Harvard Business School, which opened in 1908.

4- Financial Management and Economics

The specialization of financial management is one of the most important disciplines in the world, and it is highly needed in the field of the labor market, in various fields: investment, real estate finance, markets and financial institutions, corporate finance. The graduate of financial management and economics can work in: insurance companies, sectors Government, banks, financial advisory offices, and others.

5- Law

The law is concerned with the study of general rules and laws that regulate the social relations in society. It is one of the most widespread disciplines in the world, especially in the western world. The law has two main branches: general law in its administrative, financial and constitutional sections, , A graduate of the law in several areas, including the profession of law, or legal adviser in companies and institutions, or legal researcher, or economic researcher, and others.

6- Renewable energy

This specialty is one of the most widely recognized disciplines in the world, especially in the recent period, which specializes in the study of alternative energy, or clean energy such as solar energy, where the graduates of this specialization in several areas such as: regulatory agencies, energy companies, education, marketing, research In biofuels, wind and solar energy.

7- Earth sciences

Earth Sciences, Earth Sciences, Geology, Geophysics and Geomorphology. We are interested in studying minerals, rocks, earthquakes and fossils. It is one of the most interesting areas in the study. Globally, and is required in the field of archaeological sites.

8- Environment and water

The specialization of the environment and water is one of the most prevalent specialties especially now, after the increase of environmental pollutants. This specialization is concerned with protecting people from the dangers of environmental pollution, especially in water and air, protecting them from radiation, controlling toxic substances, , And others.

9- Marketing

Marketing has become one of the most recent disciplines in the world, where it has become a science and art stand alone, and indispensable in any institution, and the field of marketing to study the needs of the market, and provide the appropriate goods for each community, and achieve the highest percentage of profits in the company A specific valuation period, marketing is not limited to the concept of sale only, but selling is only part of it.

10- Teaching

Teaching is one of the most widely studied disciplines in the world, teaching for the general stages or undergraduate stages. It is one of the disciplines that the West is most interested in, especially in Malaysia, Japan, China, the United States, Canada and Germany. Germany has the highest income among all other disciplines.

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