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Syracuse University was founded in 1870 and is one of the most powerful universities in the United States of America. Syracuse University includes media, politics, journalism, international relations and information management. The University has a large number of colleges, recognized by the Cultural Attaché in America.

The Syracuse University offers admission to most of the bachelor’s degree specializations. The most important of these conditions is to pass the Language Institute with varying success rates between 75% and 83%. To obtain a Master’s degree, it offers admission to the College of Law and College of Information only. Most faculties require 7 degrees IELTS test.

Majors And Academic Programs – Syracuse University

Architecture College – Syracuse University

Syracuse’s architecture is one of the oldest four engineering schools in the country, offering professional education through creative curricula, research and problem analysis, and the five-year system ends with a bachelor’s degree in architecture.

College of Arts and Sciences – Syracuse University

The creation of a college at Syracuse University is the center of university education, and is divided into the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and the Department of Human Sciences and Society, which is presented at Maxwell College of Citizenship and Public Affairs.

College of Education Syracuse University

The College of Education is a national leader for the promotion of educational practices, leading the movement of inclusion or inclusion, and is working to continue this tradition through its work on improving civic education.

Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science – Syracuse University

which helps to learn engineering and computer science, and create new knowledge and technology, in ten disciplines of university, and students have access to nationally recognized research centers, modern laboratory places and challenges of training.

David B. Falk College of Sports and Human Dynamines

This college promotes the health and survival of individuals of different ages and their families, and continue in the framework of the principles of social justice.

College of Information – Syracuse University

The National College of Information, a center of innovative programs and research, offers the possibility of double registration with the College of Engineering and Computer Science, SI Newhouse Communications School and the College of Management.

7- The Martin J. School of Management – Syracuse University

The White Man College, project managers who have become pioneers in an era of global competitiveness, has developed programs on the basic methods of business management in our time, including project management, globalization, technology and leadership.

8- Maxwell College of Citizenship and Public Affairs: 

This college has received an international arrangement. The departments of social sciences at Maxwell College are also located.

The New School of Public Communications

One of the first international public communications colleges, Newhouse College embraces all known types of information dissemination, installs programs in the liberal arts, and learns how to manage and produce media and other public communications.

Faculty of Visual Arts (VPA) – Syracuse University

This College supports the process of creative and professional development, divided into four parts, the Centaur School of Music, Department of Drama, Faculty of Arts and Design and Communication Management and rhetorical studies.

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