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The SOAS University of London is affiliated with the University of London, but is specialized in a number of humanities related to the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and offers a large number of scientific disciplines.

About the SOAS University of London

-The SOAS University of London offers more than 300 specialized programs at the bachelor’s level, and the Master’s degree reaches the number of specialized programs, to about 70 programs.

-The University was founded in 1916 and has helped to graduate a large number of Heads of State, Ambassadors and Ministers around the world, and a number of university graduates have been able to win the Nobel Prize. Impact in the world.

-The University is studying all topics related to the countries of the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and tries to participate in these issues and provide effective solutions to the problems related to them.

-The main objective of the SOAS University of London was to train British government officials, and then the university passed a number of stages of development, which ended up being one of the top 20 universities in Britain.

-The SOAS University of London ranks 44th among the best universities in the world, and ranks 11th among European universities.

-The University has witnessed large expansions over the past several years, and the university now receives more than 4500 students annually.

Majors And Academic Programs – SOAS University of London

Faculty of Humanities – SOAS University of London

Through this college, human nature, people living in Asia, Africa and the Middle East are studied, and their habits, language, and all related mental sciences are studied and tried to develop them.

Collage of Arts – SOAS University of London

This course includes the study of English language, its literature, history and stages of development, the study of the history of art and architecture, and especially art and architecture related to the eastern regions. It also offers a special section for learning music.

Faculty of Asian Languages ​​and Literature

Through this college, the languages ​​and literatures related to a number of Asian countries are studied, with Korea, China and Japan at their head, with a focus on the nature, history, philosophy and development of each language.

Faculty of Economics – SOAS University of London

This course examines the nature of economic development in Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries, as well as a study of the rates of development witnessed by these countries and a study of some of the problems related to these developmental rates, as well as the history of the economy in the most important economic countries Contemporary.

Faculty of History, Religion and Philosophy

This course examines the nature of history, civilization, religion, economics, law, philosophy and technology, which relate to the various countries of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and the nature of the development of these objects.

Some other university studies – SOAS University of London

The SOAS University of London also offers a number of studies on the languages ​​of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, their different countries and civilizations, the nature of the development of these languages, a number of psychological and community studies, studies on the environment, earth sciences and other studies, The development and diplomatic change of these countries and the nature of the development of systems of communication and communication, and media with the study of law and the foundations of politics and international relations, which underpin the countries of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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