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The Russian Saratov State University, one of the most famous universities in the world, was established in 1909, specifically on the 10th of June. The Saratov State University is located in the city of Saratov. It was named when Nikolaevski was established, and the name of this name was changed. That was in 1923.

Majors And Academic Programs – Saratov State University

The university is one of the most important universities in the country.

Faculty of Biology

This college is based on the teaching of all biology-related sciences, such as biological biology, biochemistry, bioscience and others.

 Faculty of History and International Relations – Saratov State University

This faculty is interested in studying the historical and cultural background of many countries of the world, the impact of this background on modern history, and what it represents from the contact between the world and international relations, among them and between Russia in particular and among all countries. the world .

Institute of Physical Education and Exercise

And this college is working on the graduation of Madriben, and distinguished players in all types of sports, in addition to it contains inside a number of sports stadiums distinguished, and is continuously held a number of prestigious tournaments.

Faculty of Geology and Earth Sciences – Saratov State University

The College provides a number of the most up-to-date scientific research related to rocks and earth sciences. It also supports students in exploration and scientific research, and then finds the latest in geology and rock sciences.

Faculty of Journalism and philology

This course teaches the origins of Russian language and its different stages of development from its inception to the present, as well as a study of all types of journalism and writing, and the methods of developing them in a modern way, in line with the development of the world now.

Faculty of Social Sciences – Saratov State University

Through this college, it is possible to study all societal problems, develop students’ skills in order to develop these problems, and find practical solutions for them. This is in addition to a comprehensive study that is continuously provided through the college in everything related to the Russian society, Crises.

Institute of Fine Arts – Saratov State University

Through this institute, everything related to art and artistic materials, including creative design, sculpture, painting, photography and music science, is taught and developed.

College of foreign languages ​​and ways of learning

This course provides a comprehensive study of a number of different types of languages, the stages of their development to the present form, as well as a study of the literature related to them, and one of the most important languages ​​provided by the College, English, French, German and Italian.

Other UNU colleges and institutes

The Saratov State Universityoffers a number of other studies, which are organized in the form of colleges and institutes, as follows:

-Faculty of Geography.

-College of International Relations.

-Institute of Chemistry.

-College of Wireless Electronics.

-Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanical Sciences.

-Faculty of Computer Science, Information Technology.

-College of Biochemistry – Saratov State University.

-College of Nonlinear Operations.

-College of Psychology.

-College of Education related to people with special needs.

-Faculty of Physics.

-College of Philosophy.

-Faculty of Economics .

-School of Law –Saratov State University.

-Institute of Continuing Studies.

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