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The Paris Descartes University is one of the leading universities in the humanities, specifically in France. Paris Descartes University is one of the most important universities in the world because of its academic and educational importance and its importance in the field of scientific research.

About the Paris Descartes University

-The Paris Descartes University includes a large number of sciences and human knowledge and is one of the first French universities to offer, for the fields of health and pharmacy, and oral and dental medicine.

-The university is specialized in scientific research and has already submitted a large number of specialized scientific research.

-The Paris Descartes University was founded in 1971 by René Descartes and was created as a result of the reform of the University after being divided into five universities, all of which are located in Paris.

-The University was not in the first establishment specialized only in the science of technology, only then was added physical education after, and the Faculty of Oral and Dental and then was added Faculty of Law.

-The University can be taught in both English and French, as desired by the student. The university also helps to teach French to non-native speakers.

-The University has over 90038 students, the number of professors exceeds 1800, the number of researchers exceeds 3000, and the university grants 13 thousand kinds of diplomas every year.

Majors And Academic Programs of the Paris Descartes University

Faculty of Oral and Dental Sciences

This college includes all the relevant sciences, treating the diseases of the mouth and teeth, as well as studying the latest technology of modern dental implants, and is one of the most famous and the most important French universities in this field because it depends on the study of the best methods of training , And live education.

Faculty of medicine – Paris Descartes University

This is one of the most pioneering colleges in the field, not only in France but also in Europe in general, because it provides a study of the best scientific materials related to the medical sciences, while providing the latest technology and modern research related to medical sciences and its most specialized disciplines , Including orthopedic surgery, cancer treatment and others.

Faculty of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences

This section specializes in the best methods for the use of chemicals, the latest technologies used in the pharmaceutical industry, and it continuously provides the latest scientific research characteristic and has been provided a large number of these sciences already.

Other UNU faculties

-Saints Perez College of Biomedical Sciences.

-collage of rights.

-University Institute of Technology, which specializes in the study of Islamic sciences.

-College of Mathematical Studies and Computer Science.

-Institute of Psychology.

-College of Sports and Fitness.

Services provided by the Paris Descartes University

Paris Descartes University Libraries

The University has two of France’s largest libraries, the first of which is the Library of Descartes and the Second is the Library of Sciences.

Psychological Support Service

This service is offered to students and their families to ensure that the best level of service is met for students who are sick and specifically for those with special needs.

Cultural services – Paris Descartes University

The University continuously organizes seminars and courses for students. In addition, the University has a number of distinguished museums within the campus, including the Medical Museum and the Medical Materials Museum, which displays live models of the various materials and instruments used in medicine, Its development so far.

Services – Paris Descartes University

The university provides a number of services related to this, including sports services, competitions, and marathons, including specialized courses in the teaching of arts and crafts.

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