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The Northumbria University is located in New Castle, in the north-east of England. Northumbria University is one of the best English universities and even international universities. It is also a refuge for many people coming to study in Europe from around the world.

About the Northumbria University

The Northumbria University was established in 1969 and was known as the University of New Castle Polytechnic. It was renamed in 1992.

-The Northumbria University has 20 scientific and academic departments and offers nearly 500 courses in a wide range of disciplines including Applied and Educational Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science, Law and Information Engineering, and Psychology. .

-The Northumbria University has over 35,000 students, of whom 16% are foreign students.

The Northumbria University is the second best university in New Castle, and has many partnerships with universities around the world.

-The Northumbria University has a destroyer for the race, many different stadiums and gyms, and a special fitness center.

-The university has one of the largest electronic libraries in the world.

Majors And Academic Programs – Northumbria University

The Northumbria University has a large number of different academic and academic disciplines, which are divided internally into several departments, specializing in many fields. The university also receives a large number of students annually, especially Darcy, the field of medicine to train them.

Department of Applied Sciences

The department includes a large number of internal departments, including the Department of Biological Sciences, the Department of Medical Sciences, the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Food Science and others.

Faculty of Architecture and Building Sciences

The university includes a number of different architectural sciences, related to the foundations of construction and civil engineering, and interior decorations and the department is working to provide many scientific research, related to architecture periodically.

Collage of Arts

Through this college, the latest technologies related to animation, television, theater, art and fine arts are studied. The College also receives many of them continuously for training and training courses.

College of Computer and Information Technology

The College offers a variety of courses related to computer science, software and games development as well as the development of protection systems and network technology, the development of websites and libraries, and a special section for data science and electronic information.

Department of Social Sciences

It is one of the best sections of the Northumbria University , where it continuously works to involve students in many important training courses and seminars on the problems of society and crime rates, international public relations, media development and journalism. Specialized in helping to develop and solve, many problems in English society.

Other departments of the Northumbria University

-Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences

-Humanities Section

-Department of Engineering and Physical and Physical Sciences

-Mechanical Engineering and Construction Department

-Business Administration Department

-law Department

-design department

-Nursing, Gynecology and Public Health Department

-Department of Psychological Sciences

-Department of Education

-Department of Mathematical Sciences and Public Health.

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