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Marmara University is one of the oldest educational institutions in Turkey, so it is of great importance among all the universities there, and it includes a large number of academic and scientific disciplines.

About the Marmara University

Marmara University is one of the oldest universities in Turkey. It was established on January 16, 1883, in Istanbul and was then a different name. It was a group of disciplines, including the Faculty of Commerce, Agriculture and others.

-Initially, this college was a place for female education, and the first graduation payments were made up of thirteen students, and then the developments on the Marmara University were progressed to what it was today.

-From 1982 to 1983, the Marmara University was admitted to nine faculties, a school and an institute. As for the current number, the university includes 16 colleges, nine schools and 11 institutes. It also offers a large number of educational courses, up to 199 continuous courses. The number of students enrolled in it reaches 17,000 students.

Majors And Academic Programs of the Marmara University

The Marmara University includes a large number of scientific and academic disciplines. These disciplines are organized on the basis of a number of colleges, institutes and schools. Through these organizations, scientific research is enriched, as well as the establishment of a large number of laboratories in order to enrich the educational process.

Colleges of Marmara University

-Ataturk College of Education includes German language studies, computer science, biological sciences, geological studies, physical studies, French language studies, mathematics, English language, chemistry, social studies, history and Turkish literature.

-Faculty of Fine Arts, including designs and photography, Turkish art history, graphic arts, interior design, music, painting, cinema, television and fashion.

-College of Engineering Studies, including Computer Engineering, Environmental Science Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanics Engineering and others.

-The Faculty of Science and Arts, which can study German literature, information technology, biology, geology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, art history, various historical studies, Turkish language and literature.

-College of Health Studies and includes many medical matters, including specialization of obstetrics and gynaecology, nursing and other specialities.

-College of Technological Studies, including mechanical engineering technology, machinery management technology, materials technology and others.

-Faculty of Economics and includes economic studies and international relations and financial, and can be studied in English.

-Faculty of theology and can be taught in this college in Arabic and English, as well as Turkish.

-Faculty of Communication Sciences, including journalism and international relations, and development of radio, television and cinema technologies.

-Faculty of Dentistry – Marmara University.

-College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

-Faculty of Arts and Applied Sciences.

-School of Law – Marmara University.

-College of Business Administration.

-College of Political Science.

-Faculty of Physical Sciences and Sports Studies.

-Faculty of medicine – Marmara University.

Institutes of the Marmara University

-Institute of European Studies.

-Institute of Insurance Studies and Banking Sciences.

-Institute of Educational Studies.

-Applied Science Institute.

-Institute of Gastroenterology Studies.

-Middle East Studies Institute.

-Institute of Health Sciences.

-Institute of Social Sciences.

-Turkish Studies Institute.

Schools – Marmara University

-School of Banking Sciences and Insurance Studies.

-School of Designs and Techniques of Jewelery Industry.

-School of Applied Science Studies.

-Foreign Language School.

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