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Macquarie University is one of the most famous and best universities in Australia. The Macquarie University has over 31,000 students a year. The number of foreign students is about 9,000, of different nationalities. It has a number of innovative curricula as well as the highest quality teaching and environment. Unique for student education.

About Macquarie University

-The Macquarie University was established more than fifty years ago, and the administrators and teaching staff at the university, to provide a climate of discovery and excellent education for students, and thus the University was keen to provide a number of facilities to help students, the discovery and leadership of the labor market The university has also been listed among the world’s best universities, and a number of its departments have been listed among the top 100 international institutes, including the media, finance, geosciences, geography and law.

-The Macquarie University is also keen to provide the best scientific research on an ongoing basis, as well as it is striving diligently, to solve some of the global problems and turn them to benefit the benefit of humanity.

-The Macquarie University is working to provide distinctive distance education plans, which enable many to join the university, without having to stay in Australia.

Macquarie University Majors And Academic Programs

Despite the fact that there are not many scientific disciplines of the University, it has achieved remarkable distinction in these fields.

Collage of Arts

The faculty works to provide the scientific and technical atmosphere, which promotes the students’ thinking, their way and their creativity, and their ability to answer the global problems with artistic creativity, in addition to studying the history of art.

Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration – Macquarie University

The college develops students’ business and economic skills, engages them in many research related to their field of study, and provides the latest global economic analysis for students to develop their skills and facilitate their leadership of the labor market.

Faculty of Humanities

This college includes the study of many fields related to the humanities, including psychology and sociology. The College is constantly working to provide the latest international research, as well as the establishment of a number of conferences and lectures, delivered by the most famous professors of science and the world .

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences – Macquarie University

The College is working on the development and development of scientific thinking about many of the health problems that are prevalent in our societies, and at the forefront of these scientific materials, which specializes in cancer treatment, and the college is working on providing the latest technological devices, in order to Upgrading the global medical system.

Faculty of Science and Engineering – Macquarie University

The department is divided into several internal departments, including the Department of Biological Sciences, the Department of Chemistry and Petrochemical Sciences, the Department of Computer and Computer Science, the Department of Agriculture and Earth Sciences, the Department of Engineering, the Department of Environmental Sciences, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and Physics.

-The Macquarie University continuously provides a number of student services, mainly providing them with the latest international scientific research, as well as providing the best research laboratories and facilities, which work on the development of students and their creativity and knowledge, including libraries, laboratories, seminars and Other .

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