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The Ludwig Maximilian University – LMU, one of the best research universities in Germany, is one of the largest universities in Europe. LMU is one of the leading universities in Europe for excellence in teaching and scientific research.

About the Ludwig Maximilian University – LMU

-The Ludwig Maximilian University – LMU was founded in 1472 by the Duke of Ludwig IX, in Ingolstadt. After that, the University moved to the Landshut of King Maximilian I in 1800 and was officially proclaimed in 1802.

Ludwig Maximilian University, since the 19th century has been considered one of the most important universities in Europe has graduated from the University 34 people, Nobel laureate, and the university ranks 13th in the world.

-Among the most famous graduates of the LMU Max Planck and Otto Han, Pope Benedict XVI, Friner Heisenberg and others, has recently been called the University of the elite.

-The Ludwig Maximilian University – LMU is now the second largest university in Germany, receiving students, with more than 50,000 students. The university also has a university hospital, one of the best hospitals in Germany.

-The Ludwig Maximilian University – LMU has submitted a large number of important scientific researches. The most important of these researches is research specializing in law, other in social and economic sciences, and others in science, medicine and others.

-The Ludwig Maximilian University – LMU receives more than 130 international citizenship, as well as it offers a large number of distinctive curricula.

Majors And Academic Programs of the Ludwig Maximilian University – LMU

-Catholic Theological Seminary.

-The Faculty of Protestant Theology.

-Collage of rights.

-College of Business Administration.

-Faculty of medicine – Ludwig Maximilian University.

-Faculty of Economics.

-Faculty of History and Arts – Ludwig Maximilian University.

-College of Veterinary Medicine.

-Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences.

-College of Philosophy and Philosophy of Science and Religion Study.

-College of Languages ​​and Arts.

-Faculty of Cultural Studies.

-Social College.

-College of Mathematics and Computer Science and Statistics.

-College of Chemistry and Pharmacy.

-Faculty of Science and Earth Sciences and Environment.

-Faculty of Physics.

-College of Biology.

The most important student services

University Hospital – Ludwig Maximilian University – LMU

The University has one of the best and oldest hospitals in Germany. The hospital specializes in many important disciplines, including the most important specialities of bone, cancer treatment and other important specialities. In addition, the university has a specialized centre in research sciences in various diseases And has already provided a large number of important research, in the areas of cancer treatment, and cardiovascular treatment.

Scientific Research Services

The University offers students all the facilities that help them to improve scientific research through a large number of specialized labs, as well as facilities provided by the most important international companies. Through these research centres, a large number of researches have been submitted which have had a great impact In the world.

Rehabilitation of the labour market

The University continuously seeks to provide the best training courses and seminars that help students to get to the job market easily through training them in the best companies and institutions for their fields of specialization, as well as relying on their latest research and information education. , In their specializations in order to raise their academic and practical level.

Recreational activities for students – Ludwig Maximilian University – LMU

Through these services, a large number of training courses are offered in various fields that are of interest to students, as well as continuous competitions in various fields. The most important areas are representation, music, singing, painting and handicrafts.

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