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Since its establishment in 1909, the Loughborough University has been one of the most famous and best universities in the UK. It has been one of the most important technical institutions since it was founded in 1909. It aims to help the world develop and use international applications and teach the necessary skills.

About the University of Loughborough

-The Loughborough University was established in 1909, in the city of Louvre, near the city of Leicester.

The Loughborough University has 24 academic departments, 30 research institutes, more than 17,500 students, and more than 250 international sports personalities.

-There have been many attempts to compare the University, Oxford and Cambridge, including the identification of a particular costume for students, and focus on the side of applied science.

-This Loughborough University was one of the most important institutions for the manufacture of weapons and ammunition, during World War I and after, it was divided into three colleges, including the College of Technology Loebbra.

-Then the Loughborough University developed, and a number of different colleges were added.

Majors And Academic Programs – University of Loughborough

Faculty of Automotive Engineering

This college includes all the subjects related to mechanical engineering, automotive manufacturing, and the latest technological sciences.

Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Through this college, the latest technologies are being studied in architecture, construction sciences and construction. The College also allows students to interact effectively with actual projects in order to develop their ability to lead the labor market.

Faculty of Business and Economics – Loughborough University

Through this college, a large number of researches on the world economy, how they are developed and developed, the world out of these economic crises, as well as the study of public finances, economic growth rates and others are presented.

College of Chemical Engineering – Loughborough University

The College is constantly updating the chemical laboratories, designed to the highest level, in order to advance the application of the students. It also continuously provides the latest international chemical research.

Faculty of Geography – Loughborough University

The College offers all aspects of the geographical nature of different continents and countries, as well as the study of the nature of the resources in these resources and how to promote them, and exploit them and make use of them globally.

Language and Translation Center – Loughborough University

A number of major international languages ​​are being studied in this center: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian and Greek, as well as a literature study on all these languages ​​and stages of language development.

Other UNU faculties

The Loughborough University has a large number of other faculties, headed by the College of English Arts and Drama, the College of Chemistry and the College of Computer Science, the College of Design and the College of Mathematics, the Mathematics Education Center and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and others.

Library of the Loughborough University

Founded in 1980, this library is over 7,700 square meters and consists of three floors. It includes hundreds of study and reading areas, over half a million books, There is also a student lounge where they can rest or have meals, and the entire library is fully covered with internet service that helps students do more research.

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