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London South Bank University is one of the best and most prestigious universities in Britain. Through this university you can have a great future plan and a distinguished career, because the London South Bank University helps students find excellent job opportunities after graduation. Globally.

About the London South Bank University

-The University is located in the Southwark area of ​​London, close to the South River Times. There are two other university facilities in East London, and the University is close to many of the city’s attractions.

-The University was established in 1892, based on some charitable donations at the time, and was renamed several times in the past years, until it was stabilized in its current name in 2003.

-The University is characterized by its various educational programs, and the provision of the best laboratories and specialized libraries, as the university is working to provide hundreds of personal computers, and a large number of laboratory and laboratory devices modern.

Majors And Academic Programs – London South Bank University

Department of Applied Sciences

It is one of the best departments in the London South Bank University. It provides a large number of different applied sciences, the most important of which is the science of food, which provides all the information surrounding the food and its benefits, and the greatest benefit from it, and the Department of Humanities, which It provides courses on human dynamics, human interaction methods, social relations and others, and the Department of Psychological Sciences, which provides a study of the latest psychological research and the foundations of modern psychology.

Department of Arts and Modern Industries

Through this section you can study everything related to art and photography, film and design, theater art, sound studios, and all related tools. The department also provides access to fellowships, Through him.

Department of Building Sciences and Architecture – London South Bank University

This section includes architecture and civil engineering. It is possible to study the latest forms and methods of engineering design, which enable the student to lead this market later. It also allows the student to get to the actual construction sites and participate in it for learning. Application.

College of Business Administration – London South Bank University

The College includes many disciplines, including finance and accounting, business and project management, marketing and management, and others, through which it can obtain a number of postgraduate studies and fellowships.

College of Engineering

It is possible to study the engineering of chemistry and petrochemicals, computer engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. One of the most important features of this college is the provision of applied scientific curricula that help to raise the level of the student.

Faculty of Health – London South Bank University

This department includes a number of internal departments, including the Nursing Department, the Public Health Department, the Pediatric Nursing Department, the Department of Speech Sciences and the Department of Mental Health Sciences. The most important features of the department are the provision of laboratories at the highest level, as well as physical friction With patients, and provide the latest medical research.

Faculty of Law and Community Sciences – London South Bank University

It is possible to study international law, constitutional law, as well as the study of societal sciences, which are related to the problems of the society and its cultures, the rates of the economy and the rates of crime and its development. This section specifically enriches the world continuously with the latest scientific research. And community.

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