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Leipzig University | Universität Leipzig is one of the oldest universities in the world. It is one of the oldest universities in Germany and the name of the university is in Leipzig. The city is located in eastern Germany. Leipzig University is now a centre for scientific research. It has moved to Leipzig because it has become a centre of culture and scientific research.

Information about Leipzig University:

This Leipzig University is the second oldest university in Germany, because its foundation was 600 years ago, making it one of the most famous landmarks in Germany and the oldest. The history of this university was founded in 1409 and is divided into 14 different colleges. It has many professors and lecturers, from all over the world and not only from Germany, and all researchers go to it, because it is the place for them and to the scientific research, and those looking for training in research also turn to it, the university has a lot of Foreign students from abroad, thus contributing to strengthening Germany’s relationship with other countries .

And the most important of what is provided to students is the internationally recognized certificates, and the work of a new campus in the heart of the city, and is characterized by this campus with the help of students, and provide all the conditions for them, to study and learn, there is a library is not closed all day, It also has a famous restaurant, including Christian Tomassius, Wilhelm Fondt, Ernst Blauch, Theodore Licht, Wilhelm Ostwald, Johann Christoph Götzd, Christine Forshtagot Glülert, and famous figures such as Thomas Münster, Johann Gottlieb, Robert Schumann, Richard Wagner, George Robbie, and Ulrich von Hotten.

For the student housing at Leipzig University | Universität Leipzig, there is more than one building within the city. These buildings are university housing for students. The other option for students is the participation of their fellow students. A group of students will live in houses. , And there are many studies favored by students, there are those who come for the purpose of training in research, and there are those who prefer to study the economy, and languages ​​especially German, and can also study the rest of the languages ​​and mastery, and available some of the most important sections of the University, Is the Department of Foreign Relations, whose mission is to resolve any issue The student face during the study, and help the students to answer any query and solve it quickly.

Many people think that Leipzig University | Universität Leipzig is the only place to study in the city, but this is not true. The city has other institutes besides Leipzig University, and there is a material aid for students unable to pay or for foreigners with unstable physical conditions. Through an association that relies on donations to help these students, and provide their needs.

Majors And Academic Programs of the Leipzig University | Universität Leipzig

  1. College of Legal Sciences, Faculty of Theological Sciences.
  2. Faculty of History and Arts Sciences and the East.
  3. Faculty of Language Sciences, Faculty of Education Sciences.
  4. Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy.
  5. Faculty of Economic Sciences, which also includes the science of building engineering.
  6. Faculty of Mathematics, and the science of mechanical accounts.
  7. College of Medicine, Faculty of Physical Sciences.
  8. Faculty of Biology, Pharmacology, and Psychology.
  9. Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences, Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Scientific centres located in the University

  1. Center for Biotechnology, Biomedicine.
  2. Graduate Studies Center.
  3. Center of scientific branches overlapping scientific research clinical.
  4. Coordinating Center for Clinical Scientific Research.
  5. Interdisciplinary Center for Bioinformatics.
  6. Center for the exploration and development of professional educational applications.
  7. Center for Women and Genealogy.
  8. Center for International Economic Relations.
  9. Latin American Center.
  10. Information and Communication Center.
  11. Center for Environmental Medicine and Epidemiology.

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