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Laval University is the first university to be taught in French in North America. Laval University is one of the oldest universities there and was first known as a French school.

About Laval University in Canada

-The history of the Laval University began in 1663, by a member of the House of Representatives known as Francois de Laval, and then the university followed the French system.

-After the opening of the Laval University after many expansions, in 1760.

-In 1852 the Laval University obtained the Royal Charter by Queen Victoria.

-The events followed the university until 1925 when it was moved to the old city of Quebec.

-The University has more than 500 educational programs and has been able to sign a number of agreements and partnerships with major institutions and countries. It has thus become one of the most open educational institutions in Canada.

-The University has about 42,500 students per year, and about 6,000 of these students are international students.

-The University offers a very good level of scientific research and student activities. Some consider it a vibrant community within Canada.

Majors And Academic Programs of the Laval University

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Through this college, the arts are studied in relation to a number of ancient and modern civilizations, as well as studies of humanities, including psychology, sociology, philosophical schools and others.

Faculty of medicin

The Faculty of Medicine of the University is one of the most important and best medical schools in Europe and America. It includes a group of biomedical departments, including departments for the study of critical surgery and incurable diseases, and the university provides a good climate of scientific research. Presenting a number of outstanding scientific researches.

Faculty of Social Sciences – Laval University

Through this college, the different types of problems facing societies are examined, depending on their culture, culture and beliefs, and how to confront, limit and treat these problems, especially the crime and its rates globally. The University has been able to provide adequate solutions, To a number of current social problems.

College of Planning and Architecture, Arts and Design

Through this college, the various types of engineering studies are studied, mainly the study of construction and architecture sciences and the study of civil engineering, as well as the study of the foundations of urban planning, in addition to a number of sections that relate to many technical matters, including drawing, photography and Sculpture, filmmaking, graphic design and others.

Faculty of Education

Through this college, the fundamentals of education and education are studied, with the different stages of the learners starting from the children before entering the school, and how to deal with them up to the secondary stage, with an examination of each stage and its importance, and the basis of dealing with the risks to which it is exposed.

Other colleges follow the Laval University

-College of Agriculture and Food Sciences.

-College of Business Administration.

-Faculty of Dentistry.

-Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geoscience.

-College of Postgraduate and Post-Doctoral Studies.

-College of Music.

-collage of rights.

-College of Nursing.

-faculty of Pharmacy.

-College of Science and Engineering.

-College of Philosophy.

-Faculty of theological and religious studies.

University services – Laval University

The Laval University provides a number of things that contribute to the enrichment of the educational process, social life and the students, including the provision of the latest scientific research and training courses for students, and thus develop their ability to continue the educational process, as well as a number of entertainment.

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