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Kingston University London is one of Britain’s oldest and most prestigious universities. The Kingston University has a large number of scientific disciplines, as well as interest in scientific research and student life.

About the Kingston University

-The Kingston University was established in 1899 and was then known as the Technical Institute. It provided a number of training courses in several fields, including construction, electrical, nursing and other fields.

-After the development of the Kingston University, until the transfer of its headquarters to the Kingston Heights in London, after the opening of the first libraries in 1954, has been specialized in the science of technology.

-The Kingston University then became a place to obtain a number of courses in many fields, as well as obtaining a number of degrees, until it was officially recognized as a university in 1992.

-The Kingston University receives over 19,000 students annually, of which about 3700 are students from many other nationalities.

-The Kingston University has five specialized colleges, and it has four university campuses.

Majors And Academic Programs – Kingston University

Kingston School of Art

Through this college, a number of technical issues are being studied, including the art of designing and manufacturing home furniture, as well as the basics of interior decoration, architecture, fashion and clothing design, a number of creative industries, art history, graphic design and Design animation movies and more.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The College includes a wide range of disciplines, including creative writing, dance, drama, acting arts, economics, English and literature, and a number of other languages, history, journalism, law, communications, media and art. Music, philosophy, political science, psychology and others.

College of Business Administration – Kingston University

Through the college, a number of scientific subjects are studied, including the foundations of accounting and financial sciences, as well as studies specializing in business administration, the foundations of international relations and the sciences of marketing and advertising, as well as the foundations of studies specializing in human rights and business administration.

Faculty of Health, Education and Social Sciences – Kingston University

And through which the study of a number of disciplines divided as follows:

-Paramedical specialties, including critical medical care, infant and neonatal care, nursing and medical business management.

-Specializes in radiology, and through it is specialized in radiation detection of chest diseases and types of radiation and development, as well as radiotherapy and radiation detection of radiation and others.

-The specialization of gynecology, delivery and pregnancy, and through this college is to study all matters related to mother and child care.

-Nursing specialization, through which specialization in nursing and care of the elderly and nursing for adults, as well as for people with special needs and the owners of psychological problems and others.

-College of Education, and through this college are studying a number of sections, including studies relating to children at the beginning of their stages, children with special needs and the education of children in primary and secondary and others.

-Corrective studies, including studies related to bones and fractures, as well as other related exercises, physical therapy and others.

-In addition to a number of clinical and clinical studies, and others related to educational studies.

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