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Keele University was founded more than sixty years ago. The main objective of establishing the university was to achieve the scientific and economic demands of the world. Keele University was able to achieve this and achieved the greatest satisfaction of students.

The 600-acre campus is located in the heart of Britain. It offers a wide range of activities and humanities, and offers a wide range of student services, including state-of-the-art classroom facilities and coursework, Providing effective solutions to life problems.

Majors And Academic Programs – Keele University

The Keele University is divided into a number of scientific departments that specialize in many biosciences and community sciences. These departments are divided into three main colleges, with a large number of departments, such as the School of Human Sciences, the School of Management Sciences , School of Law, School of Social Sciences, International and International, School of Philosophy, International Relations, Language Center, School of Medicine, Health Sciences, School of Nature and Science.

School of Humanities

This college is divided internally into several sections, which deals with the programs related to man and his studies, the most important of which are:

-Department of American Studies.

-Department of English studies, and literature.

-Department of Communication Sciences, Media Arts.

-Department of film industry study.

-History section .

-Music department, technology developed.

-Department of Medical Studies.

School of Business Administration – Keele University

This college is divided into a number of departments, which are interested in financial and business programs, and are divided as follows:

-Financial Accounts Section.

-Department of Economics.

-Department of Human Resources Management Sciences.

-Department of Business Administration and related laws.

In addition, this college applies the two full-time and half-time study systems, as well as the possibility of distance learning. The university can also obtain master’s, doctorate, and fellowship degrees.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences – Keele University

The College is divided into several sections, and is divided as follows:

Faculty of Clinical Sciences.

-Faculty of medicine .

-College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

-College of Nursing .

-Faculty of Humanities .

Faculty of Nature and Science – Keele University

The College includes a large number of academic and scientific departments, as well as it provides students with some of the best features, facilities and scientific devices, in order to motivate them to scientific research, and the college is divided as follows.

Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Faculty of Life Sciences.

College of Computer Science and Mathematics.

College of Chemistry.

Faculty of Physics.


Faculty of Earth Sciences and Geology.

Faculty of Environmental Sciences.


Services offered by the University to students

-The Keele University offers a large number of student services, in order to promote the educational process, and these services are developed every year.

-The Keele University provides a number of training courses, in many departments for the university’s students, and those who come from abroad.

-The Keele University also offers a distinguished level of scientific laboratories for the advancement of scientific research.

-Through the University can study online, without the need to move to live, within the United States of America.

This is in addition to the fact that the University provides continuous, distinct job opportunities and priority in these career opportunities for university graduates.

-The Keele University also provides a number of other services related to health care, psychological and other .

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