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The Karoli Gaspar University is one of the oldest and most important universities in Hungary, and the Karoli Gaspar University has a large number of the most important scientific and academic excellence.

About Karoli Gaspar University

-The Karoli Gaspar University was founded in 1855 in the Hungarian city of Budapest. It was then affiliated with the Protestant Church and had a great place in the Church. The first purpose of its establishment was to raise the banner of this church.

-At the time, it was one of the most important aims of the education of ministers and men of state in addition to the teaching of clergy, as well as the development of scientific research, and this university could be through which to obtain a number of degrees, especially the degree of doctorate in philosophy.

– The Karoli Gaspar University has worked since its first day on the development of relations between all European countries in order to raise the level of education and the rest of universities, as well as linking political relations and has been the result of that good material support from a number of countries, which helped the university to improve the level of scientific research.  

Majors And Academic Programs – Karoli Gaspar University

The Karoli Gaspar University has four major colleges and each college has a number of disciplines and different people. These colleges are divided as follows.

Faculty of Humanities

-This college includes about 3600 students annually, and a number of these students of different nationalities. In addition, the College offers distance learning, ie, the student does not need to study there, to be a resident of Hungary, through which to obtain the degrees of bachelor’s and master’s degrees And PhD.

-The College includes a number of disciplines including the Institute of Technical Studies and Human Sciences, the Institute of English Studies and the Institute of German Language, Studies and Institute of Historical Studies and Institute of Eastern Languages ​​and Literature, Institute of Psychology and Institute of Social Studies and Communication Sciences and College History of Medicine.

Faculty of Theology

The Karoli Gaspar University was originally designed to study Protestant theology. It is one of the oldest sections of the university. Through this section, a number of ancient languages ​​and their relation to Christianity, as well as studies related to ancient manuscripts, Which was known and the civilizations that were formed in the sixteenth century, and through the college can get higher degrees such as Masters and PhD in theology.

Faculty of Education – Karoli Gaspar University

This college is not only intended to educate students to be teachers of the future, but to teach them to deal with students, especially young ones, so the college includes a number of studies related to psychology, and other social sciences and the division of the college according to the age , Which the teacher will work to deal with after graduation, where the educational stages are divided, for example the primary level is divided into eight classes and so on.

Faculty of law – Karoli Gaspar University

This course is being studied at the University in 1998. The most important curriculum in which human rights curricula, management sciences and international relations can be studied, as well as a study of European law General and labor laws there.

-The Department of Economic and Financial Law Sciences, the Department of Civil and Civil Law, the Law Drafting Department, the Criminal Law and International Law Section, the Military and Civil Law Section, the History of Law Section, and its origins in religious beliefs and others.

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