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Kadir Has University is one of the most famous universities in Turkey, despite its modernity, yet it has a great place there.

About the Turkish Kadir Has University

-The Kadir Has University was established in 1997 in the city of Istanbul. It was then comprised of five different colleges, namely the Faculty of Engineering, Natural Sciences, Economics, Administrative Sciences and Communications.

-This Kadir Has University is located in the oldest area in Istanbul, so it is surrounded by history from all sides and is allowed to study in Turkish and English.

-Although the construction was at the end of the last century, the idea of ​​construction dates back to 1884, when there was an attempt to establish the University, that attempt crystallized over the years until the university was built.

-The Kadir Has University has been able to communicate with a number of international institutions for the purpose of developing and providing many opportunities for its students.

-The Kadir Has University seeks to graduate students in various fields while taking care to provide them with the least expenses and is constantly testing their educational programs.

Majors And Academic Programs of the Kadir Has University

Faculty of Applied Science – Kadir Has University

It is one of the best colleges that teach applied science in Europe in general. It also works to provide the best educational curricula, in addition to a large number of distinguished laboratories. The Kadir Has University offers students the opportunity to learn scientific research and training. It includes many disciplines, Insurance, finance, accounts, international trade, shipping and others.

Faculty of Arts and Design

Through this college, a large number of arts are studied, including industrial designs, graphic designs, animation films, interior designs, decoration and theatre arts, as well as a specialized department in architecture and construction.

Faculty of Communication Sciences

Through this college, a large number of specialized programs are being studied, which relate to modern communication sciences, including information science and public relations, as well as the sciences of visual communication and media sciences, as well as the sciences of radio, television and cinema. Specialist in Media Sciences.

Faculty of Economics, Administration and Social Sciences – Kadir Has University

This department includes a large number of departments and sciences, including the Department of Economics. Through this section, many research and specialized studies are presented in the world economy, as well as the Department of International Relations. This section was created specifically to promote international relations and Solving international problems, as well as the Department of Political Studies and International Relations. Through this section, the University offers much research on international problems, which includes various governments and relations between them, and the College includes a section specializing in American civilization and literature and science Self.

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences – Kadir Has University

Through this college, a number of sciences are studied, including genetic studies, biological sciences, computer engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, energy engineering, and other engineering departments.

School of Law – Kadir Has University

This section is divided into two main sections. The first section is a specialized section in the study of Turkish law and various forms of international law. Another section is specialized in identifying and solving global problems, through which a number of different courses are offered to students in many Fields, including human rights.

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