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The Indiana University Bloomington is located in Bloomington, Monroe County. Founded in 1820, Indiana University has over 40,000 students. The Indiana University Bloomington‘s architecture is designed in the style of old buildings, Limestone, so the place is one of the nicest 5 places in the USA.

Information about Indiana University Bloomington

-The Indiana University Bloomington is distinguished for up to 150 scientific subjects, as well as the postgraduate programs of more than 190 programs, in addition to the selection of scientific programs and specializations, at the highest level, the most famous programs for international students, the program of business administration and program Music, Computer Science and Public Health Program.

At the international level, the University is interested in studying different cultures and peoples around the world and has been providing a number of training courses in more than 80 languages ​​worldwide. Even the number of students studying at Indiana Bloomington The world through distance learning exceeds 2000 students, and the number of expatriates to the university is more than 6000 students. The University has been ranked among the top 10 universities in terms of the number of international students.

The most famous graduates of the Indiana University Bloomington

Since the inception of the university and so far has graduated a large number of professors and celebrities, who were able to change the world around them and the most famous:

-Michael de Higgins, President of Ireland.

-One of the world’s most famous violinist Joshua Bell.

-One of the professors of international law, who had an important role in the establishment of the Iraqi constitution, Professor Faisal Istrabadi.

-A member of the Indian Parliament, Debendar Huda.

-Famous producer Michael Oslan.

-Chairman of Cisco John Chambers.

-and finally the first US ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Viktor Jakovic.

-and many others are the most famous position holders in the world.

Majors And Academic Programs – Indiana Bloomington University

-Faculty of Arts and Design.

-Faculty of Dentistry.

-College of Business Administration.

-Faculty of Public Health.

-College of Education Studies.

-College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

-College of Computing and Informatics.

-College of Information.

-College of Liberal Arts.

-School of Law.

-College of Nursing.

-Faculty of medicine.

-Faculty of Physical Education and Tourism Management.

-College of Music.

-Faculty of Social Work.

-College of Nursing.

-Faculty of Public and Environmental Relations.

-Faculty of Humanities and Charity.

The Indiana University Bloomington also includes a number of its affiliated programs, headed by the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology, and the Faculty of Science.

In addition, the University can obtain a Master’s and Doctorate degree in a number of specializations, in addition to the academic programs it offers continuously, which have made it a high position internationally.

Some academic programs offered by Indiana University Bloomington

-The Indiana University Bloomington was able to provide more than 250 academic programs, and a number of these programs related to public health, dentistry and liberal arts, and the Indiana University Bloomington was able to provide a large number of valuable research, through the Faculty of Law and Colleges of Management, Nursing and Rehabilitation Sciences And social work.

-A large center for charitable work is attached to the university. The center operates under the supervision of the faculties of science, engineering and technology.

-As for the Indiana University Bloomington system, the study is based on the system of hours of study, and that these hours are divided up to five years maximum.

University Student Services

International Student Services Office

-Office of the academic year programs

Academic Support Services

-and a number of other services provided to students to protect their health and scientific and academic development .

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