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Harvard University is one of the oldest and oldest American universities, and one of the best universities in the world. Founded in 1636 by the Massachusetts Legislature, it was named after John Harvard, who donated half of his wealth and 400 books from his library to establish the university.

Rules of procedure

HARVARD UNIVERSITY has 15 schools in different fields such as:

Medicine, Engineering, Design, Education, Arts, Theology, Business, Government Administration, Law, Public Health, and the Radcliffe Institute.

Harvard has 12,800 academics, 21,000 students and a total of 1,500 students each year from the United States or from around the world.

The HARVARD UNIVERSITY is total financial endowment is US $ 36.4 billion, which is equivalent to the national income of many countries in the world, and has earned US $ 4.2 billion in 2014.

Harvard also has 32 heads of state, including US presidents Barack Obama, John Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, the presidents of Colombia, Mexico and Chile, as well as UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. 47 Nobel laureates and 47 Pulitzer Prize winners.

Harvard Library

The Harvard Library is the largest academic library in the United States and one of the largest academic libraries in the world, with a total of 19 million books, 400 million manuscripts and 10 million images.

The library is a major destination for Middle East scholars, with rare 18th-century documents and files that may not be available on the history of the countries of the region. The HARVARD UNIVERSITY is administration is now working on digitizing them for researchers from around the world.

Getting to Harvard is difficult but not impossible

HARVARD UNIVERSITY is one of the world’s toughest universities in accepting students, ranking fifth in terms of admission difficulty. The cost of studying at the university is $ 52,000 per year without the cost of accommodation, and despite this figure, the university administration offers many facilities for those who can not afford these expenses. Last year, $ 160 million was allocated as non-refundable grants to outstanding students both inside and outside the United States who could not afford to pay for tuition.

Harvard University
Harvard University

A Harvard child

Ria Girffo is an 11-year-old girl from an Indian immigrant family to the United States. The mother was alerted early to the intelligence of Raya, as well as her teachers who asked her parents to support the girl, and to provide additional rations through the Internet to develop her talents. Indeed, Raya was able to pass the academic stages very quickly.

She finished her high school at the age of 11, then applied for Harvard and realized her family’s dream. In the fall, Rhea will begin studying at Harvard in the field of cryptography, a combination of cryptography and modern science with various disciplines such as artificial intelligence.

Ria says:

Every human being is unique, and every person has a special talent. We exist not only to live and then die, but we are here to get something in our lives .

The HARVARD UNIVERSITY is vision is to create a civil society that revolutionizes all fields of science.

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