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The Goethe University Frankfurt is one of the best universities in Germany in particular, and globally in general. The Goethe University Frankfurt continuously provides the best scientific research in many scientific fields and continuously presents many complex problems. Of fields, including literature and science.

The founding of the German Goethe University Frankfurt

-The university was founded by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and contributed to this great world in many philosophical sciences and literature. The Goethe University Frankfurt was founded in 1914 and was funded by the private sector. The university was inspired by the Enlightenment heritage European Union.

Today, Goethe University is one of the most important universities in Germany. It is based on public funding. Despite its independent management, the university has a climate that is dedicated to creating new ways of studying, thinking and researching. It can also obtain a Master’s degree.

-The University provides academic support to the citizens of Germany, as well as many scholarships offered to many countries of the world.

-The University has more than 47,000 students, many of whom are foreign nationals.

The University is located in Frankfurt, the world’s largest trading center and the largest financial center in Europe.

Majors And Academic Programs – Goethe University Frankfurt

The university has 16 departments from different scientific departments, and has about 170 specialties.

Collage of Law – Goethe University

It can be studied at the Faculty of Law for non-German citizens, and it is working on the graduation of legal experts.

Faculty of Administration and Economics

This college offers a number of subjects, which provide all the details about the global economy and the foundations of the management of institutions.

Faculty of Social Sciences – Goethe University

This college provides a number of scientific researches on social life, its latest developments and the development of the world.

Faculty of Education – Goethe University

This college can be taught to non-Germans, as well as the payment of teachers and teachers at the highest level.

College of Psychology and Sport

This college offers the latest scientific research in the field of psychology and mathematics, and it is also possible to obtain a master’s degree.

College of Protestant Jurisprudence – Goethe University

This college continuously provides a number of scholarly research on theology, and provisions relating to the Protestant doctrine of the Christian religion.

College of Catholic Jurisprudence – Goethe University

The College also offers a number of studies and researches on theology, and all the provisions related to Catholic-Christian doctrine

Faculty of Philosophy and History – Goethe University

This course offers a number of courses that explain the evolution of philosophy since its inception and many types of modern and ancient history of many countries.

Faculty of Languages ​​and Civilizations

This college offers the ethics of many languages, bases its bases and learning as well as the culture of countries that speak these languages.

College of Modern Philosophy – Goethe University

This college offers the latest philosophical and research methods.

Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences

This section provides a number of researches and approaches related to many of the geographical characteristics of many places in the world, as well as the nature of the land and the study of rocks and stones.

Faculty of Informatics and Mathematics

The College offers a number of courses on all forms of information and technology engineering.

As for the scientific departments there are the Faculty of Biochemistry, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Faculty of Biological Sciences and Faculty of Medicine.

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