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The George Washington University was founded in 1821 and was built in Washington, D.C., the University of the United States of America. This George Washington University can obtain both bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees, master’s and doctorate, and the university has a large number of Specialized courses.

About George Washington University

-The George Washington University occupies 301, among the best international academic universities.

-The University has about 127 nationalities, different from American students.

-The University offers the opportunity to study without the need to attend the university, where the number of students enrolled in the university, about a quarter of the number of students.

-The University is interested in graduating students able to lead the labor market, with the utmost excellence, in view of the interest of the university, in all aspects of students, scientific materials and research materials, and specialized laboratories and others.

-The level of scientific research in the university reaches about 30% of its activities.

Majors And Academic Programs – George Washington University

The George Washington University seeks to provide students with a variety of scientific needs, which help them to develop their skills, development and moving towards the future. Accordingly, the University provides a large number of specialized programs for students and Graduates.

College of Science and Arts of Colombia

Through this college, the various subjects related to art and science can be studied, including the study of art history, the study of the environment, the study of technical designs, and all the sciences related to food, as well as methods of utilizing solar energy. And the development of communication sciences.

Faculty of Art and Design – George Washington University

The College is working on enriching students with various types of arts and ways of developing them, including spoken arts. The College is also constantly providing art galleries for students. It was the first building of the university for art exhibitions in 1869.

College of Business Administration – George Washington University

This course examines the global economy, the nature of its development and its change, the nature of the establishment of economic relations worldwide, as well as the study of financial matters, the ethics of the profession and related laws, and this section of the University in constant communication with a number of similar colleges In Brazil, China and elsewhere.

Faculty of Education and Human Development

Through this college, teachers are prepared, at the highest level, as well as continuously trained to deal with real students in classrooms, along with human development, which is taught to students, to learn how to deal with young people and the psychological nature of children, And how to deal with them and develop them.

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Through this college you can study the various departments of engineering, including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and others. The George Washington University also provides access to the largest American factories, for education and training, allowing students to learn practical, on the ground, as well as science studies Applied, provided by this college.

Other Colleges of the George Washington University

The George Washington University offers a number of other faculties, including the Elliott College of International Affairs, which is working on graduating a number of different disciplines, most notably the press, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Communication Sciences, the Media and the Faculty of Medicine and Humanities. From the scientific research and the Faculty of Nursing and the Faculty of Political Studies and others.

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