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The Everest University Online offers a wide range of programs through Anthropology, which allows you to obtain a fellowship, bachelor’s and master’s degrees. These include Accounting, Business, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Criminal Investigations, National Security, Applied Management, Information Science Computational and quasi-legal.

The Everest University Online has created this new online study section to help students balance school, work, and family commitments through flexible classes that encourage students to participate, interact, and work together. Among the most important programs offered by:

• Fellowship in : Accounting, Business, Applied Management, Computer Information Science, Criminal Justice, Criminal Investigations .

• Bachelor in : Accounting, Business, Paralegal, National Security, Criminal Justice, Applied Management.

• Master in : Business Administration, Criminal Justice.

The Everest University Online is a university that is polarized by many students. It is a university accredited by various accreditation bodies, and because of the great reputation it has created for itself and the way the university staff supports students by making them an integral part of a large university family. Everest University Online is also an educational institution distinguished from the rest of the other institutions through the reindeer sections, the support service available to students throughout the day and throughout the week, vocational education based on the professional side, a diverse community, intensive courses and accelerated, all of this made the students choose This unique online learning platform is always seeking to provide students with the comfort of their students and create a perfect teaching environment.

The campus in Florida and the Everest University Online is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Independent Colleges and Schools and accredited by the Florida Commission for Independent Education. , As well as the receipt of first degree undergraduate degree programs and graduate studies for approval by the Florida State Agency for the approval of the state-of-the-art training “Florida State Approved Agency for Veterans Training”.

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