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The Durham University, one of the oldest and oldest universities, was founded in 1832 and in 1837 obtained the Royal Charter, one of the oldest universities in the world, after Cambridge University and Oxford University.

About the Durham University

Durham University is ranked fifth among the best universities in Britain.

-Was founded at the Durham Palace, King Henry VIII’s time, and at the time was considered by Oxford University and Cambridge as a threat to their prestigious place.

-A portion of the Church’s money was allocated there to establish and promote the University.

-The Durham University has been expanded several times since the beginning of the nineteenth century, and has been attached to a number of colleges, including the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Physical Sciences.

-After that, the Durham University was placed in a position to hold debates.

-In the late 19th century, the Durham University was not only an area for graduating learners, but also for graduating religious people, because they did not grant students a degree, only after testing religious tests.

Some university plugins

Durham University Library

The library has more than one and a half books. It was established in the same year, in which the university was founded, and the number of books reached 160 volumes. They were obtained from the donation of Bishop William Mildert. The Library has four main sections, Effects, which relate to the educational process.

Scientific Research Center

-The Durham University was able to obtain the 18th level among the best research universities for 2001, and one of the most important fields offered by the Durham University in the field of scientific research is the field of physics and political science, applied mathematics, Islamic economics, archeology and theology.

-The University’s research center is among the top universities in Britain in the fields of English, History, Engineering, Biology, Astronomy and African Studies.

Majors And Academic Programs – Durham University

-College of Applied Science and Community Sciences, and includes the College of Criminology, Sports, Psychology and Community Sciences.

– College of Architecture .

-Biology College .

-Business Administration College .

-Chemistry College .

-College of Ancient History and Classical Studies.

-Community Science College .

-Computer College .

-College Geology and Earth Sciences.

-College of Education.

-College of Engineering Studies.

-College of English Language and Literature.

-English Studies College .

-College for Basic Studies.

– College of Geography .

-College of History .

-College of Environmental Sciences.

-School of Law .

-College of Fine Arts and Fine Arts.

-College of Mathematical Sciences.

-College of Medicine and Health Sciences.

-College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Industries.

-College of Languages ​​and Modern Civilizations.

-Music Section.

-College of Natural Studies.

-College of Philosophical Studies.

-College of Physics.

-College of Psychology.

-College of Religion and Theology.

Some university services for students

University Housing – Durham University

Attached to the university is a university residence for expatriate students, housing it. One of the most important features of this residence is that it includes rooms equipped with personal computers, libraries at the highest level, as well as some gyms and tennis courts.

Student Organizations – Durham University

The University has more than 130 student clubs, in order to promote their sports and sports interests. The organization also includes a number of activities, voluntary and social, and a number of awareness programs for children. Elderly, sick, and others who need help.

Medical Services – Durham University

The University offers students a wide range of medical services and psychological services. These services are offered at the highest level and are offered to students and their families.

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