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Curtin University is an Australian state college situated in Bentley, Perth, Western Australia. The Curtin University was named after Australia’s fourteenth Prime Minister, John Curtin, and is the biggest college in Western Australia with more than 50,000 understudies (beginning in 2014). 

Information about Curtin University

Curtin University is the biggest and most socially differing college in Western Australia with Australia’s third biggest populace of worldwide understudies. With colleges in Malaysia and Singapore and numerous educating in various nations, Courten has a solid sense of duty regarding global engagement. This social decent variety includes a rich measurement and great incentive to the grounds air, setting up all graduates to live and work adequately in an inexorably worldwide condition.

Curtin University was granted the status after the legislation was passed by the Government of Western Australia in 1986. Since then, the university has been expanded and now has branches in Sydney, Singapore and Sarawak. It has ties with 90 universities of exchange universities in more than 20 countries. The Curtin University has five major colleges with more than 95 specialist centers.

Curtin University was awarded a five-star general ranking in the QS annual ranking of 2014. Curtin University ranks 284 by the world ranking of QS 2013. As of 2013, the University has become a good place in the academic ranking of the world’s universities (ARWU) as one of the top 500 universities in the world. So far, she has two creative writing and alumni corps and has won the Franklin Miles Award.

Curtin University is a member of the Australian Technology Network (ATN) and is active in research in a range of academic and practical fields, including (but not limited to) resources and energy (eg petroleum gas), information and communications, health, aging and well-being (public health) Changing environments, growth, prosperity and creative writing. It is the only Australian Western University to produce the AINSE Gold Medalist, the highest rating for doctoral excellence in Australia and New Zealand.

Curtin University has turned out to be dynamic in research and associations abroad, particularly in terrain China. It is engaged with various business, administration, and research ventures, especially in supercomputing, where the Curtin University is associated with a tri-mainland assemble with hubs in Perth, Beijing, and Edinburgh. Western Australia has turned into a vital wellspring of minerals, oil and gaseous petrol. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao went to the Woodside-subsidized hydrocarbon inquire about office amid his visit to Australia in 2005.

History of Curtin University

In December 1986, the Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT) formally submitted to the University, with its name taken from the influential former Prime Minister of Australia, John Curtin. Who is described as a true statesman, held the office of Kurten during World War II from 1941-1945, when he died in office only six weeks before Japan surrendered. He led Australia through some of its darkest years with firm perseverance, regardless of their political leanings, but he is considered one of the country’s greatest leaders.

Now, more than 50 years after his death, Curtin University is still seeking to honor the values ​​of John Curtin, the visionary, leader, and community servant. The Curtin University believes innovative approaches, with research and dedication to serve the community, in line with the values ​​of John Curtin.

Curtin University Ranking

The Curtin University is the second largest university in the world, following the academic rankings of world universities in 2014. Positioned 40th on the planet for colleges younger than 50 in the worldwide rankings QS 2014 and for the most part got a five-star rating in the 2014 arrangement.

The following topics are held at the Curtin University in high and strong grades, by obtaining a ranking of five stars in the classification of international universities QS 2014 by subject:

Accounting and Finance (higher than 100)

Chemical Engineering (higher than 100)

Civil and Structural Engineering (higher than 150)

Communications and Media Studies (above 100)

Computer Science and Information Systems (higher than 200)

Land and sea sciences (above 100)

Economy and econometrics (higher than 200)

Education and training (rank 37)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (higher than 200)

Environmental studies (higher than 150)

Geography (higher than 200)

Linguistics (higher than 200)

Materials Science (higher than 200)

Psychology (higher than 150)

Sociology (higher than 200)

Statistics and Operations Research (higher than 200).

Majors And Academic Programs – Curtin University

Since 2007, teaching and research in the Curtin University has divided into five faculties (formerly known as the People) and these are:

Center for Indigenous Studies

Courten Business School

School of Accounting

Faculty of Business Law and Taxation

Faculty of Economics and Finance

Faculty of Information Systems

Management college

School of Marketing

Courten College of Law

Graduate School of Business Administration

Faculty of Health Sciences

Nursing and midwifery school

Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

College of Occupational Therapy and Social Service

faculty of Pharmacy

College of Physical Therapy and Exercise of Science

College of Psychology and Pathology

Faculty of Public Health

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Construction Engineering

Faculty of Design and Arts

School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Science and Engineering

College of Science

Faculty of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Faculty of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Western Australia Mines School

Other Universities

In addition to the main campus in Bentley, Curtin University has two smaller university campuses in the metropolitan area. The Upper Business School is located in the Central Business District at 78 Murray Street in the former government printing office that has been renovated – the building listed in the State Register of Heritage Places, listed on the National List.

The departments of the Geophysics and Petroleum Engineering University are located in the on-site research facilities of the Australian Resource Research Center (ARRC), which also includes the CSIRO offices for Earth Sciences, Resource Engineering and the National Institute of Measurement.

Graduate Programs

Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting

Graduate Certificate in Finance

Graduate Certificate in Project Management

Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting

Graduate Diploma in Finance and Banking

Graduate Diploma in International Business Management

Graduate Diploma in Project Management

Master of Accounting

Master in Professional Accounting

Master of Finance

Master of International Business

Master of Project Management

Curtin University vision

Curtin University is the largest university in Western Australia. Which has about 40,000 students in a group of 16 sites, including universities in Sydney, Singapore and East Malaysia. Curtin applied a philosophy of the same name, former Australian Prime Minister John Curtin (1941 – 1945), who said:

The university is great. . . We should look forward to ever. So we should not look back but we have to prepare for the next big days. “

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